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User Showcase (121 viewing)
Post links to your original song compositions here, for others to listen to.
Search all posted compositions by song title or artist's forum name.
Listen to PG User Showcase Radio (on SoundCloud):
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Re: Did You See It Coming
(jannesan) - Yesterday at 10:49 PM
Songwriting (2 viewing)
Discussions, Tips-n-Tricks, Resources and Questions about Songwriting
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Re: How Steely Dan Composes A Song
(DaveBrooksMusic) - Yesterday at 04:32 PM
2017 Xtra Styles Contest (3 viewing)
Xtra Styles contest submissions from the 2017 (July-Aug15) contest
63 303
Re: The Making of In a Latin Mood
(MusicStudent) - 10/21/17 09:02 AM
2016 Xtra Styles Contest Submissions - Closed
Xtra Styles contest submissions from the 2016 (Sept-Oct) contest
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Re: I'm On The Right Track Now
(bluage) - 01/04/17 08:34 AM
Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production (18 viewing)
Discussions about methods and gear for making music.
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Re: Cakewalk SONAR is no more
(Matt Finley) - Yesterday at 07:58 AM
Woodshedding - Learning to Play! (1 viewing)
Musical Discussions about learning to play an instrument, helpful DVD's, teachers, theory, gear and more...
303 1577
Re: Joni Mitchell Intro to Alternate Tunings
(PeterGannon) - 11/20/17 11:41 PM
I just heard Band-in-a-Box on YouTube (1 viewing)
See, hear and help to publicize how Band-in-a-Box is used on YouTube and other sites.
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Best of YouTube (2 viewing)
Videos related to music (instruction, performance, mixing tips etc.)
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Re: Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain - Saxaphone
(Deryk - PG Music) - Yesterday at 07:18 AM
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic) (2 viewing)
General technical questions regarding computers or music equipment.
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Beginners Forum (8 viewing)
Discussions and resources for beginners to Band-in-a-Box or music tech in general
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Re: No sound from keyboard on Midi Thru
(Noel96) - Yesterday at 12:48 PM
Off-Topic (98 viewing)
This forum is for music-related discussions that aren't covered in other forums.
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Re: Music Theory Made Easy With TheoryBoard ?????
(VideoTrack) - Yesterday at 10:34 PM
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UserTracks (and other add-ons) (1 viewing)
Discussions about making your own add-ons for Band-in-a-Box, including UserTracks, Styles, RealDrums, Plugins, VST Plugins, Add-on songs/exercises, Artist Performances and Loops.
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UserTracks Wishlist
UserTracks are user-created RealTracks. Use this forum to post requests to other users for specific styles you want.
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Really basic Realtracks
(lambada) - Yesterday at 09:27 PM
Post your own Tips and Tricks here (3 viewing)
Use this forum to share your technical tips and tricks related to PG Music software, or to write your own tutorials. Note: Post questions in the PG Music Product Forums instead.
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Re: How to get Bluetooth headsets to work with BiaB for mac
(Kent - PG Music) - Yesterday at 04:28 PM
My Favorite Things (1 viewing)
Post about your Favorite Features in Band-in-a-Box and RealBand.
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Re: Music Can Be Achieved With PTSD
(Noel96) - Yesterday at 05:45 AM
PG Music Product Forums
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Band-in-a-Box for Windows (77 viewing)
Discussion forum for the Windows version of Band-in-a-Box.
12834 100259
Re: Memory problems..
(lambada) - Yesterday at 09:24 PM
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh (15 viewing)
Discussion forum for the Macintosh version of Band-in-a-Box.
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RealBand (18 viewing)
Discussion forum for RealBand users
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Re: Absolute beginner question - no sound
(Kent - PG Music) - 11/22/17 04:09 PM
PowerTracks Pro Audio (2 viewing)
Discussion forum for PowerTracks Pro Audio users.
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Re: Midi pitch correction
(Noel96) - Yesterday at 03:18 PM
Other PG Music Programs (1 viewing)
Discussion forum for all PG Music programs other than Band-in-a-Box, PowerTracks, and RealBand.
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Re: BiaB iOS not compatible with iPad 4th generation
(Matt Finley) - 11/22/17 09:50 AM
PG Music Wishlists
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Band-in-a-Box Wishlist (14 viewing)
Wishlist for Band-in-a-Box for Windows and Macintosh
2508 11755
Re: Another wish for the Bar setting
(VideoTrack) - Yesterday at 11:48 PM
Songs to add to Band-in-a-Box Titles database (2 viewing)
Your suggestions for songs to add to the Band-in-a-Box Song Title Browser.
38 196
Re: Pop/Rock Songs to add
(Blues1952) - 11/20/17 04:59 AM
RealBand Wishlist (1 viewing)
RealBand wishlist and new feature suggestions.
564 1931
Re: Stickier Preference Settings
(Warren Keller) - 11/17/17 01:32 PM
PowerTracks Pro Audio Wishlist
Wishlist for PowerTracks Pro Audio.
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Styles and RealTracks Wishlist (4 viewing)
Wishlist for Band-in-a-Box styles and RealTracks. Note, you can also request styles and RealTracks from other users: UserTracks Wishlist forum
619 2621
Re: different accordion tones
(rodipoet) - Yesterday at 07:44 AM
Other Programs Wishlist
Wishlist for other PG Music programs. This includes the Pianist/Performance Series and the MasterClass Series.
82 316
Re: Jazz Pianist Old Version
(raymb1) - 10/28/17 05:52 PM
band-in-a-box.com -- International Band-in-a-Box Forums
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Deutsches Band-in-a-Box User Forum (3 viewing)
Willkommen zu Band-in-a-Box! "Intelligente Musiksoftware für Ihren Multimedia-Computer"
920 3513
Noten eingeben BiaB 2017
(Bandix) - Yesterday at 09:47 PM
České a Slovenské Band-in-a-Box uživatelské fórum
Vítejte do Band-in-a-Box! Inteligentního hudebního doprovodného programu
5 29
Re: Update ke stažení
(Gause Zdenek) - 07/04/17 08:21 AM
Forum degli utenti italiani di Band-in-a-Box
Benvenuti in Band-in-a-Box! "Software di Accompagnamento Musicale Intelligente per il tuo Computer"
360 1425
Re: aiuto!!!!
(doctormidi) - 11/07/17 04:53 AM
Band-in-a-Box Svenskt användarforum (1 viewing)
Välkommen till Band-in-a-Box! "Intelligent Musikackompanjemangsprogram för din Multimediadator"
127 267
Forum des Utilisateurs Français de Band-in-a-Box (4 viewing)
Bienvenue dans Band-in-a-Box! "Logiciel d'accompagnement musical intelligent pour ordinateur multimédia"
479 1977
Re: insérer mesure différente
(rv972) - 11/19/17 01:40 PM
Foro para el usuario de Band-in-a-Box en Español (1 viewing)
Bienvenido a Band-in-a-Box! "Software Musical de Acompañamiento Inteligente para su Computadora Multimedia"
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Re: Tengo que reinstalar todo
(CarlosEArellano) - Yesterday at 05:04 AM
Forum dos Usuários do Band-in-a-Box em Português
Bem-vindo ao Band-in-a-Box! "Programa de Acompanhamento Musical Inteligente para o seu Computador Muiltimídia"
39 79
Re: Novo tradutor do Band-in-a-Box
(Gravino2017) - Yesterday at 07:49 PM
Dansk Band-in-a-Box bruger forum (4 viewing)
Velkommen til Band-in-a-Box! "Intelligent musikakkompagnements software til din multimedie komputer"
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Re: StylePicker sprog
(lindbjerg) - 11/07/17 02:32 AM
Band-in-a-Box Nederlands Gebruikers Forum
Welkom bij Band-in-a-Box! "Intelligente Muziek Begeleidings Software voor uw Multimedia Computer"
104 232
Band-in-a-Box Polskie Forum Użytkowników (1 viewing)
Witamy w Band-in-a-Box! "Oprogramowanie do Inteligentnego Akompaniamentu Muzycznego na Twój Multimedialny Komputer"
46 565
(wojtekdu) - 09/25/17 12:14 AM
Форум пользователей Band-in-a-Box на русском языке
Добро пожаловать в Band-in-a-Box!
97 406
13 14
Band-in-a-Box 简体中文用户论坛 (1 viewing)
14 27
Band-in-a-Box 한국어 사용자 포럼 (1 viewing)
Band-in-a-Box 프로그램에 환영합니다!
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Band-in-a-Box & RealBand 2017 한국어 버전
(misuk park) - 03/22/17 08:58 PM
Band-in-a-Box 日本語掲示板
25 61
Re: バージョンについて
(PG Music 坪田) - 09/15/17 02:45 PM
Band-in-a-Box ユーザー作品自慢フォーラム
Band-in-a-Box で作った曲を是非聞かせてください
2 0
Re: 作品自慢フォーラム投稿手順
(fiddler2007) - 07/23/17 02:02 PM
PG Music News
User Blog - How to Make a Band-in-a-Box Backing Track (with Melody) Using a Lead Sheet

Joanne Cooper's latest blog post Create a Band-in-a-Box backing track with melody from a lead sheet is the perfect read for anyone looking to do just that!

She thoroughly explains the process - from selecting the song, finding the lead sheet, picking a style, and more! Even if you're well versed with the program, be sure to read this blog post - you'll want to bookmark it and share it with anyone you know who's new to the program!

Thank you Joanne for sharing!


Vote for Band-in-a-Box® 2017 - We've Been Nominated for a 2018 SOS Award!

We are still over the moon with being nominated as one of the Music Software products for the 2018 SOS Awards!

If you haven't had a chance to look over the nominees and place your vote, head to https://www.soundonsound.com/sos-awards - but hurry... the polls are only open until 23:59 PST on November 30th! (Winners will be annouced at the Winter NAMM show in January.)

The SOS Awards are held annually by Sound On Sound, these awards celebrate a number of products launched within the last year, including categories like Audio Interface, DAW, Guitar Technology, Music Software, and more - the winners are chosen by the readers, and people just like you! To learn more about the SOS awards, click here.

SOS voting rules are available here.

Sound On Sound Awards - a list of 2017 Winners.

The Beginners Forum - Great Tool for New Band-in-a-Box® Users!

If you're new to Band-in-a-Box®, and looking for a Forum just for you, check out the Beginner's Forum! This forum is the perfect place to post resources ideal for those starting with the program.

If you're not new to Band-in-a-Box®, that doesn't mean you can't join in the action! Pop over to the Beginners Forum to join in the discussion & share your knowledge too - we have a really supportive & helpful crew on the forums!


YouTube Find - COUNTRY ROADS John Denver Band-in-a-Box Backing Track Key G Major

Another great video has been posted by EricBlackmonGuitar, and he uses his Band-in-a-Box beautifully for creating the backing tracks - see for yourself!

YouTube Video - COUNTRY ROADS John Denver Band In A Box Backing Track Key G Major

My Favorite Things - Seemingly Unlimited Flexibility!

We receive user feedback many ways, including our Facebook page, by email or phone, using the Comments tab on our Band-in-a-Box® pages, the My Favorite Things Forum, and more!

Like the great feedback recently posted by Al-David:
"I write and play in quite a few different genres. The flexibility BIAB gives me makes transpositions, from one genre to another, so easy and quick. A number of times I've created a piece, intending it to be a Smooth Jazz or Smooth RnB song. But when I generated the song, it just didn't work in the intended genre.

With a simple click of the Style Picker ... BAM! The song ended up as a pretty decent Pop song. I only had to replace a couple of instruments from the new style and alter a couple of chords..."
(read the full thread here.)

Post your feedback to our Forum - My Favorite Things - we'd love to hear it!

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 Nominated for a 2018 SOS Award!

We're so excited that Band-in-a-Box® 2017 has been nominated as one of the Music Software products for the 2018 SOS Awards!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to vote! If you haven't had a chance yet, you can vote here... (the polls are open until 23:59 PST on November 30th)

Winners will be announced at the Winter NAMM show in January, 2018.

What are the SOS awards? Held annually by Sound On Sound, these awards celebrate a number of products launched within the last year, including categories like Audio Interface, DAW, Guitar Technology, Music Software, and more - the winners are chosen by the readers, and people just like you! To learn more about the SOS awards, click here.

SOS voting rules are available here.

Happy National Saxophone Day!

Happy Birthday to Adolphe Sax, the creator of the Saxophone! Adolphe was born November 6, 1814 - 32 years later he pantended his saxophone creation!

Check our our Saxophonist programs for Windows:
The Jazz Saxophonist
The Rock Saxophonist

Plus, we have more than 180 Saxophone RealTracks available for Band-in-a-Box by the following RealTracks Artists:
Eric Alexander
Eric Marienthal
Gary Smulyan
Jack Stafford
Jim Clark
Mark Douthit
P.J. Perry
Phil Woods
Tom Keenlyside

We have more than 30 different RealTracks Sets that include Saxophone RealTracks - for a complete list, click here.

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