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Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Upgrading from 2017 BiaB: Now or wait? by Kent - PG Music @ 10/15/18 02:30 PM

Hi, Matt's 100% correct (as usual). If you purchase Band-in-a-Box within 30 days of a new version being released, you're eligible for a free upgrade. New Windows versions have always come out around the beginning of December. Thanks Kent PG Music
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Jump to new posts Re: The Bells Of Terror (with ScottC) by Greg Johnson @ 10/15/18 02:29 PM

Great story...great "mood" piece!! Some wonderfully descriptive lyrics, and Scott's guitar has the perfect emotion! Another gem from a wonderful team!! Take care. Greg
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Jump to new posts Re: Question on updates from historical perspective by Mike Head @ 10/15/18 02:04 PM

Hi Mike I am sure others will correct me if I am wrong but I will try to give you ball park figure It depends where you start and finish as you can see from to days prices . Typically around Dec when the new version is released like for like say ultra plus or everything pack to ultra plus You would only need the plus pack About 90 $ instead of 129 $ See row two of pricing pages Other cross grades and updates are also discounted at a similar sliding scale % depending on how old, after 2 year o
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Pretty rich for my blood.. Anyway, I tend to go after the Stan Getz/Paul Desmond dark sounds. I've been trying my whole life to sound like an old white guy. I'm finally getting there..
Jump to new posts Re: Can't get VST to work on Real Band by Kent - PG Music @ 10/15/18 01:45 PM

Hi 2bSolo, We have backups of the emails JBridge sends our customers, and have forwarded the original email to you, which has the JBridge installer attached. Thanks Kent PG Music
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Jump to new posts Re: Win 10 Redstone 5 Fall Update by jazzmammal @ 10/15/18 01:43 PM

That makes too much sense, doesn't it? I think the problem still is us music producer types don't account for a big enough percentage of total Windows users to matter. We can squeak all we want but our wheels just ain't big enough... As I've said many times, we have be nerdy enough to take care of these things ourselves. Bob
Jump to new posts Re: Computer Shopper ad from 1992 by floyd jane @ 10/15/18 01:26 PM

HA! That is the version I started on! I still have it...
Jump to new posts Re: Computer Shopper ad from 1992 by sslechta @ 10/15/18 01:23 PM

Here's my first one in 1983. Couldn't afford those big computers in high school. Timex Sinclair 1000 Personal Computer
Jump to new posts Re: Computer Shopper ad from 1992 by Pat Marr @ 10/15/18 01:16 PM

Originally Posted By: Matt FinleyPat, I don’t recall if I’ve told you this but I worked for Tandy in the 1970s. People know Tandy as Radio Shack. I used to take a computer in 1977, strap it into the passenger seat, and head to shows, schools, corporations and even TV appearances. I would often compete with the Apple dealer. Working near the enormous IBM in Poughkeepsie NY, I sold tons of personal computers TO IBM and to IBMers years before they came out with their own personal computer in
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Jump to new posts Re: My Li by dani48 @ 10/15/18 01:16 PM

Hi, Joe !:)) Thank you so very much for your most kind comments - really much appreciated !:)) Cheers Dani
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Jump to new posts Re: The Beacon's Beam by dani48 @ 10/15/18 01:13 PM

Hi, SD !:)) I think this is one of your absolute best and it is my new SDfavtune ! Cheers Dani
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Jump to new posts Re: Back Home by floyd jane @ 10/15/18 12:56 PM

Originally Posted By: PeterFfloyd Lovely work. Greg was spot on with his review. Great build and some spine tingling lyrics. Wonderful mix -crystal clear on my system and your "trademark" lyric make this a joy to listen to. Peter Thanks for your continued support, Peter...
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Jump to new posts Re: Win 10 Redstone 5 Fall Update by sslechta @ 10/15/18 12:53 PM

Nice Matt! How about M$ save our settings for us before update then re-implement them after the patch? Hehe....
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Jump to new posts Question on updates from historical perspective by Rustyspoon# @ 10/15/18 12:44 PM

Hi fellows. Since sales reps are refusing to answer broad questions, I thought I would try to find some sense here. I located third party authorized re-seller that offers PG products at much more reasonable price than PG itself. The catch is that they (3rd party) can not sell updates I need, only PG can. I was told by PG rep, that update 2018 PRO to 2018 Ultrapack will cost $279. PG refused to answer if/how historically these upgrades were discounted at the time o
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Re: BIAB Windows running on Mac VMWare Fusion? by Kent - PG Music @ 10/15/18 12:38 PM

Hi, I've talked to customers using Band-in-a-Box with Fusion and with Parallels successfully, but sometimes problems have arisen (mostly related to audio drivers) that I just haven't been able to fix. Bootcamp is pretty much foolproof, and really works as well as running Band-in-a-Box on a normal Windows machine. I haven't been contacted with customers running into issues with Parallels or Fusion in a while though, so it's very possible that newer versions are more dependable. Thanks Kent PG
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Originally Posted By: PhillyJazz I just use a Shure SM57 for live sax playing. Sometime for fun, try a demo of the dual diaphragm Shure KSM8. Black or silver. Although it's five times the price, I really love the sound on my brighter horns. And it's dynamic - no phantom power needed. Like all Shure mics, built like a truck.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: W10 update 1809 a word of warning! by Matt Finley @ 10/15/18 12:28 PM

I liked Windows 8.1. I just like 10 better.
Jump to new posts Re: Computer Shopper ad from 1992 by Matt Finley @ 10/15/18 12:27 PM

Jim, your local Radio Shack was a franchise store as opposed to a company one. They were typically much older established stores that added the part of the Radio Shack line they wanted to carry.
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Jump to new posts Re: Win 10 Redstone 5 Fall Update by Matt Finley @ 10/15/18 12:24 PM

I would settle for a Save Windows Preferences to a File option. So simple.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Roland Sound Canvas VA and BIAB by Kent - PG Music @ 10/15/18 12:23 PM

Hi Guys, The 32-bit version of the Sound Canvas VA has never made sound in Band-in-a-Box for some reason, but the 64-bit version works like a charm, as long as you have JBridge. It's the only plugin I've ever encountered with this issue. If you've already added the 32-bit version to Band-in-a-Box, you can clear it out by deleting "VSTiPluginList.ini" from the BB\Preferences folder. This gets rid of your list of VST instruments, allowing you to add the 64-bit version of SC VA. Than
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
My Behringer UMC drove my Behringer C-3 fine off USB. I like the option of being 100% unplugged with a Surface laptop, Roland Aerophone and an iON PA. I just use a Shure SM57 for live sax playing. I prefer condensers on my desktop.
Post your own Tips and Tricks here
I have both 32-bit and 64-bit. The DLL files generally don't take up much space (unless they are VSTi instruments, but even then the DLL VSTi files share the same audio content). I have a bunch of legacy VSTs that only came in 32-bit, but the cool thing about jBridge is that it goes both ways. You can create bridged 32-bit VST's that work in 64-bit hosts, just like you can create bridged 64-bit VST's for 32-bit hosts. That just gives me the best of all worlds. Since I keep them all separate
Jump to new posts Re: Computer Shopper ad from 1992 by Jim Fogle @ 10/15/18 12:03 PM

In the US, Radio Shack was the poor man's way to open the gateway to computer land. The one close by my house sold the Model 1 and model 3 but also sold the Commodore and Atari product lines. Later on they sold IBM and GoldStar (Korean IBM clone). There really isn't anything quite like Radio Shack today (sigh).
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Jump to new posts Re: Blue grass "Jump" by Jim Fogle @ 10/15/18 11:46 AM

I've always admired David Lee Roth for his skill of self promotion and as an entertainer. He is confident in his self image and has reinvented his stage persona multiple times. It should also be noted that, as the video link above shows, he always surrounds himself with the best musicians available and he is not afraid to showcase them.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Intro Shot or rest but without abrupt stop by Charlie Fogle @ 10/15/18 11:32 AM

<<< Are you aware of any docs or posts detailing someones workflow to create a song from external midi files in BIAB? Be a really useful insight into how they do it. >>> Our very own Joanne Cooper has many excellent BIAB and RB tutorial blogs including one with step by step instructions on loading and developing a song using MIDI. I know the guy that originally put her onto how it's done. He's a smart dude.... Joanne also has a really comprehensive course on making your f
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PG Music News
#TBT Band-in-a-Box® 2017 Review - Software for Learning Saxophone

McGill Music Sax School posted a video review of Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows last year, stating "I love using software to help learn saxophone. One of my favourite programs is Band-in-a-Box. It's a really powerful tool for quickly making backing tracks I can use for lessons, or my own practice."

Check it out!

Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Mac - Importing MIDI Files

Did you know that Standard MIDI files can be read in to the Melodist or Soloist track within Band-in-a-Box? You can use all of the MIDI File, or select channels or a specific range of bars, using these steps:
1. Melody | Import Melody from MIDI File to select a MIDI file from disk using the file dialog.
2. Melody | Import Melody from Clipboard - when the MIDI data is already copied from another program to the

A new window will open, asking for additional criteria - which channels, # of bars to offset..., # of bars to import, include lyrics, include patch changes - and more! Head to our online manual Chapter 10: Working with MIDI to learn more!

YouTube Find - Your First 15 Minutes with Band-in-a-Box

Woody Piano Shack recently got their hands on Band-in-a-Box after a long time without the program - and they're thrilled!!

Check out this video they've shared to their YouTube Channel:

Thanks Woody Piano Shack!

National Dictionary Day - Guitar & Piano Chord Dictionaries

Today is National Dictionary Day!

We offer 2 dictionaries for just $19 each: the Guitar Chord Dictionary & the Piano Chord Dictionary!

Each of these programs are easy to use! Simply choose a root note, select the chord you want to learn, and the Dictionary will play and display the chord!

An Essential Tool for any Musician!

User Tip - Band-in-a-Box® to Reaper: The Basics

Forum user DeaconBlues09 has created a video to demonstrate how easy the process is for them to streamline their workflow with DAWs, particularly Reaper - check it out: click here to watch.

Join the forum discussion.

Train Your Brain with Band-in-a-Box®

National Train Your Brain Day is October 13th!

Open your Band-in-a-Box® program, and you'll find the [Practice] button in the toolbar - it's a GREAT resource!
Minimized your toolbar? Head to Window | Practice Window or ALT SHIFT L to access

In this window, you'll find many options to help you practice, including Ear Training games, access to the Chord Builder and Chord Subs, some helpful tools within the Playalong Features menu, and more!

Train Your Brain with Band-in-a-Box® today!

Band-in-a-Box Patch Updates - #TechTuesday

Visit our Patches & Updates page, and you will see that with every version released, there are 2+ patch updates applied to that version.

Patch updates are important, and should definitely be installed to your BB folder. They can add new features, update the help resources of the program, fix bugs reported by users, and make your entire Band-in-a-Box experience run smoothly!

Band-in-a-Box update options can be adjusted within the program too - within Band-in-a-Box for Mac, head to Band-in-a-Box | Check for Updates | and then you can select to automatically check for updates by however many days you choose!

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