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Jump to new posts Re: *Thunderhead* Instramental New by Ember - PG Music @ 07/12/18 08:54 AM

This song is very impactful and definitely atmospheric. I think you nailed all the things you set out to do.
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Jump to new posts Re: Cavalletta (Grasshopper) - very fast 3/4 by Ember - PG Music @ 07/12/18 08:47 AM

This sounded like such a fun experiment! It was really going pretty fast at times. I definitely sounds like you had fun with it!
Jump to new posts Re: Funny facebook by furry @ 07/12/18 08:42 AM

Joanne, Excellent sequence, very clearly explained. I don`t have Melodyne ( wish list) and have never used vocal tuning but having used the manual tuning feature available with Reaper on one song I now agree with you- a little tweak can really make a difference. That trick of using TC Helicon harmonies to generate and then learn harmonies is one of the best features of BiaB! Robert
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Jump to new posts Re: Wonderland - Instrumental by Janice & Bud @ 07/12/18 08:35 AM

We tend to initially be attracted to guitar tones we like and then move on to the actual playing. You always have a feel for THE tone to support the feel of the composition and your playing. Thanks for letting hear this version. Very nice! J&B
Jump to new posts Re: Funny facebook by Ember - PG Music @ 07/12/18 08:35 AM

Admittedly, I probably do this at least once a day in my personal life.
Jump to new posts Re: I'm "electronically challenged". by Lloyd S @ 07/12/18 08:35 AM

Thanks Guitarhacker! That's just about what I ended up doing. I did some 'net surfing on the specs for the 2 Shure mics I had. Then I just plugged the PBass into the "High" input, and tried each of the mics into the "Low" input until I found something what worked. Thanks to all for your input and ideas. I used the setup at a gig yesterday and it was fine. Another one today, quite a bit bigger venue. I think that little Roland amp will be adequate. LLOYD S
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Jump to new posts Re: Cavalletta (Grasshopper) - very fast 3/4 by Deryk - PG Music @ 07/12/18 08:18 AM

Wow - what an interesting and wonderfully bizarre tune! I'm almost getting a Frank Zappa/Captain Beefheart sort of vibe here. It is unorthodox, dizzying, but also somehow infectious and catchy too. I really enjoy how unpredictable and strange it sounds. Great work here, Tano - thanks for sharing
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Jump to new posts Re: Driving out of Winslow by Janice & Bud @ 07/12/18 08:15 AM

“Well the smoke and fog is lifting As I leave this burning town I don’t know how it happened But somebody tried burn the whole place down I told them it was coming So get ready for the Apocalypse Now I’m driving cross this wasteland For one last kiss from your sweet lips” Spot on lines. Terrific write and a very effective production with the build. Great work! J&B
Jump to new posts My son's first song by Samuel Davis @ 07/12/18 08:12 AM

I'm posting this in the off topic because I didn't use BIAB or any PG Music products in the creation of this, but I wanted to share it with the great community we have here. Tippy Toe and Jump My 3 year old son and I just did our first songwriting collaboration. He came up with the hook for this song all on his own as he was dancing around the house singing Tippy Toe and Jump. After a couple days of this I knew I had to make him his own song. I started slapping some synth parts together a
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Jump to new posts Re: Deep State music video by cliftond @ 07/12/18 08:07 AM

I get the impression you don't like our president? Though I dont agree with you you have a neat video.
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Jump to new posts Re: Wonderland - Instrumental by cliftond @ 07/12/18 08:04 AM

I was playing that PRS along with you Scott, great song, top notch guitar work.
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Jump to new posts Re: Cavalletta (Grasshopper) - very fast 3/4 by Janice & Bud @ 07/12/18 07:57 AM

Interesting experiment. Love to see a live band of humans try to do that! Cool. J&B
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Jump to new posts Re: Count in by MarioD @ 07/12/18 07:54 AM

Although a DAW would be much better for this task try this: 1-pick a style 2-set the tempo to 70 3-in the first measure put C. 4-import your audio file and start it on the second measure The dot after C means rest. You will hear a count in followed by a measure of silence. Your wav will play but the style will not. In a DAW you can get exactly what you want but this is a BiaB work-around. Good luck.
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Jump to new posts Re: *Thunderhead* Instramental New by Janice & Bud @ 07/12/18 07:47 AM

I saw that listing. We feel that you nailed the request. Hope they select it!! J&B
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Jump to new posts Re: Style for Fiddler's Green by Narayano @ 07/12/18 07:44 AM

Hi Mister Magoo Sorry for the slow reply - I thought I had posted this but must have forgotten to press the Submit button. Here is a link to the Dubliners with a vocal version of Fiddler's Green. I've just ordered the UltrPak upgrade which will arrive tomorrow. Narayano
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic)
Jump to new posts Re: Rural satellite internet service by Notes Norton @ 07/12/18 07:37 AM

Congratulations on your move. Small towns have that trade-off with convenience. I investigated satellite service back in the Internet Dark Ages (1990s) when my phone service was undependable. They guaranteed me the satellite gear would work but not that I would be able to get on the Internet. I'm sure it's much better now. Now I get DSL-Lite with the phone company, I'm too far away from the end of the fiber optics to get real DSL, so even YouTube buffers a few times. I live along a 15 mile
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Jump to new posts Re: Right on Time by cliftond @ 07/12/18 07:35 AM

Clean and Clear, upfront vocals, the mix is so well done, wish I had that talent, this is a great song Chris. Cliff
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Jump to new posts Re: *Thunderhead* Instramental New by cliftond @ 07/12/18 07:32 AM

You hit all the points in my book Robert, Great job!!! Love the sounds and flow of this!!
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Jump to new posts Re: Nashville Rain by Janice & Bud @ 07/12/18 07:31 AM

Originally Posted By: SundanceAnd the crowd swaying and flashing their cellphone lights screamed for more as Snyder was helped off stage...he could hear their voices and the thundering applause echoing like it was literally seeping through the concrete walls in the underground parking tunnel. As he fell exhausted into his limo and was wisked away, a voice boomed over the crowd..."Ladies and Gentleman, the artist formerly known as Snyder has left the building." Nailed! Epic! Ultima
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Jump to new posts Re: Welcome To The Anthropocene by cliftond @ 07/12/18 07:30 AM

I have no idea of the meaning of these words, but, the song sure is top notch. Love the style and flow of this!!!
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Jump to new posts Re: *Thunderhead* Instramental New by Deryk - PG Music @ 07/12/18 07:29 AM

What a tune! I thoroughly enjoyed this one. As others said, it has a very cinematic feel to it. It definitely lives up to the title. I love how it slowly builds and builds, and becomes more and more epic. It truly does feel thunderous. Really well done - thanks so much for sharing
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Jump to new posts Re: Cavalletta (Grasshopper) - very fast 3/4 by cliftond @ 07/12/18 07:27 AM

Excellent production , has just the right speeds!!!
Hello all Sorry for no blog post recently. I was busy performing at the National Arts Festival which was taking up most of my energy. Anyway, here is quite a long one on how I go about recording and processing my vocals using these three go-to tools. Any comments and feedback is as always appreciated.
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Jump to new posts Cavalletta (Grasshopper) - very fast 3/4 by Tano Music @ 07/12/18 07:18 AM

I was wondering how fast I could make a 3/4 tempo with this track varies the speed from 300bpm all the way up to 500bpm, with a 'breather' in the middle at 150. Interesting exercise.. Cavalletta (Instrumental) Style JWZ_300 RT's: 2191 Elec Piano; 552 Acoustic Piano; 1298 Pedal Steel, 782 Tenor Sax Midi: Bass, Elec Guitar ,strings, Choir Pad, Dulcimer, Bassoon, Shaker, Recorder, Calliope, Whistle, Mallets
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Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows Build 520 Available!

Band-in-a-Box® Version 2018 for Windows users can download the latest free patch update, Build 250, here.

Summary of changes for Build 520 since 519 (July 17 2018):
Added: Save As style feature has support for MIDI velocity changes if volumes aren’t 90 on mixer when saved.
Added: Support for MIDI velocity changes in styles. Use the Misc-More dialog in StyleMaker to set velocity changes in MIDI styles.
Fixed: [Style Memos etc] button was not visible in the Style Editor -> Misc dialog.
Fixed: Bar lines would not display properly in the Audio Edit window if launching through the menu item "Audio Chord Wizard (Audio Edit)".
Fixed: Hitting the Return key while in the Audio Edit window might trigger Loop Screen mode.
Updated: PDF Manual and Help.

User Blog - Recording and Processing Vocals Using RealBand...

Joanne Cooper's latest blog post is a "start to finish" of how she records and processes vocals for her songs using her three "go-to" programs: RealBand, Melodyne, and Nectar from Izotope (with a little help from Band-in-a-Box...)!

Check out this blog post here.

Video - Using MIDI SuperTracks in Band-in-a-Box® for Windows!

Learn how you can add MIDI SuperTracks to your Band-in-a-Box® song?

Using MIDI SuperTracks in Band-in-a-Box® for Windows!

Video - Using MIDI SuperTracks in Band-in-a-Box® for Mac!

Learn how you can add MIDI SuperTracks to your Band-in-a-Box® song?

Using MIDI SuperTracks in Band-in-a-Box® for Mac!

Musician Brent Mason in the Studio Recording RealTracks!

Before leaving Nashville, Tobin caught up with Brent Mason recording some future RealTracks in the studio.

We can't wait to hear them!

Video - Adding RealTracks to Your Band-in-a-Box® Song

There are 300 RealTracks Sets available (over 2,500 RealTracks!), and here at PG Music we have this to say about them: You'll want to use RealTracks in all of your projects... and you can!

But what if you're not sure how to add them to your Band-in-a-Box® song? We have a video for that! Click here to watch...

Save Notation Window as a Video with Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Mac

Did you know... Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Mac allows you to save the Notation Window as a video? What a great way to share your songs with users, and LEARN from the notation as you listen!

From the program manual:
[Save As] | Save as video
-In the Make Notation Video dialog, select a track at the upper left corner. (Note: The dialog title says “Make Chord Sheet Video” until you select a track.)
-You can also set the dimension (width/height) of the video and select the number of frames per second and a specific codec.
-Press the [OK - Render Video] button to start rendering the video. When the video has been created, press the [Show Video File] button.
-You can then double click on the file to watch the rendered video.

Note: A special use of this feature is to combine a Video RealTracks (new with version 2018) with the corresponding notation in a single video. This creates an educational video, which shows the actual performance with notation/tab, playing over your chord progression! To do this, right-click on the Master button or one of the track buttons at the top of the main screen and select Render Video(s) from the menu.

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