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Jump to new posts Re: Daryle Singletary RIP by Ember - PG Music @ 02/15/18 07:01 AM

That's so sad. Gone so young.
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Jump to new posts Keyboard ackorddiagram? by ollake @ 02/15/18 06:37 AM

Hej på er! Funderar på att skaffa mig BIAB men har en liten undran först. Jag skulle vilja kunna skriva ut en melodi med ackordbeteckningar ovanför som samtidigt visar hur ackorden tas på ett keyboard. Alltså eg samma som symbolen för ett gittarackord det med ett litet keyboard istället. Går det att göra i BIAB? Mvh Olle
Jump to new posts Re: Alex Ball - "My Computer is a 1950s Orchestra" by Pat Marr @ 02/15/18 06:14 AM

nice touch superimposing film scratches /dust etc on the video, as if it were old footage discovered in a vault Very nice.
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Jump to new posts Re: Question about generate arrangement by VinhSon @ 02/15/18 05:54 AM

Thank you Noel and MarioD for your responses
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Jump to new posts Free SampleScience Player by beatmaster @ 02/15/18 02:59 AM

Free SampleScience Player now available! It took a while but Orion Sound Module replacement is finally here and it's called the SampleScience Player! A free 200 instruments/3 gigs (5 gigs compressed to lossless FLAC files) rompler. This is the biggest free rompler currently available in terms of number of sounds! The SampleScience Player contain all the sounds available in Orion Sound Module plus an additional 100 playable sounds! Entire tracks can be composed only with it since it contain a v
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Jump to new posts Re: convert Realtracks PC/MAC by Vlad_BluesJammer @ 02/15/18 01:27 AM

Hi guys, anybody tried this converter? Seems to work good, at least with my .wma music files ;-)
Thank's for this Larry.. Will try it.. Was almost on my go to order this homestudio the other day...;) Getting it for free is a lot better...;)
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Jump to new posts Re: compatibility/interference of cubase & BIAB - reply by Samuel Davis @ 02/15/18 12:38 AM

I run Cubase 9 and BIAB 2018 on the same computer. They work great together. I export all of my tracks individually to Cubase and do my mixing, mastering and other recording there.
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Jump to new posts Re: Sam's FAWM Song's by Samuel Davis @ 02/14/18 11:43 PM

I haven't been on the forums much lately because of real life and participating in FAWM. Instead of posting my songs her I'm just going to leave a link to my FAWM page where you can listen to all of the songs I've been creating with BIAB. Anything that I really like I will post as a separate thread here for everyone to listen to and comment. Thanks everyone for your comments and support. Click below for my FAWM songs. My FAWM Profile
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Jump to new posts Re: Why Fraps will not work in BiaB? by Trygve Larsen @ 02/14/18 07:30 PM

Originally Posted By: Jim FogleLeo, Windows has +++ Problem Step Recorder +++ built-in. Have you looked at it to see if it will meet your needs? Did just now, and as usually, windows software is totally useless. Who will capture screen to a zip file, and containing just a MHTLM document file??? I could not see any option there that I could use... Sorry, but thank's for the tip anyway... Never even heard about that in windows 8...;)
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Jump to new posts Re: Help with Kontakt Session Horns Needed by rharv @ 02/14/18 03:30 PM Very basic beginners guide to MIDI
Jump to new posts Re: Call Me Biased by Belladonna @ 02/14/18 03:01 PM

Hey Bud, Love, love, love the Allman Brothers instrumentals. Yes, it if the soul emotion can be transported to the listener, it's definitely a winner.
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Jump to new posts Re: NEW MIX: "HAPPY DANCE" by DaveBrooksMusic @ 02/14/18 02:05 PM

Hi Al-David! Thank you for your kind comments! I had a lot of fun with this song, I hope it put a smile on your face too! I wanted to do something different with the guitars to make you wonder (what the heck was that)? The organ on the left and the horns on the right were an ambush on your ears. The strings and piano were there to keep everything in line. The falsetto was not that difficult (all you have to do is drop a few ice cubes down your shorts and presto)!!! =D Thanks again, Dave
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Доброго времени суток. Возьмите аккорд на Вашей MIDI-клавиатуре, а затем нажмите клавиши [Ctrl]+[Enter]. Аккорд будет занесен на лист аккордов, в текущую позицию ячейки выделения. Вы также можете воспользоваться способом, описанным ниже, позволяющим Вам выбирать варианты замены
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Jump to new posts Excellent documentary on Goodall Guitar crafting by VideoTrack @ 02/14/18 01:08 PM

Goodall Guitars.
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Jump to new posts Re: BIAB (Blue) Tracks by VideoTrack @ 02/14/18 01:01 PM

Quote:This seems pretty easy programmatically to me, but what do I know? Firstly: You probably know more than you're giving yourself credit for, John. Secondly: Yes, good idea and very useful. +1
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Jump to new posts Customer Feedback - Feel The Love! by Callie - PG Music @ 02/14/18 11:56 AM

Check out some great feedback we've received on our Facebook account from program users: "I have been using Band-in-a-Box for years. It is the anchor of my music gigs as well as my fun in my studio. I have used other software but Band-in-a-Box is my main go to." -Jack T. "Love Band-in-a-Box. As someone who played professionally for 20 years and retired from live performing years ago, I still love music. Band-in-a-Box allows me to create fun arrangements which I can sing over or play over. Ther
Jump to new posts Re: guitar players - too true (?) by Larry Kehl @ 02/14/18 11:00 AM

Frankly MUSIC has died has had morals, ethics, citizenship, and civility but that's the optimistic view!
Jump to new posts Re: Unable to add Lyrics in Real Band by jford @ 02/14/18 10:20 AM

You don't need to necessarily enter the melody; just bang out the rhythm for the melody (they can all be the same note). It will take as long as listening to the song one time. Then add the lyrics to those notes, mute that track and you've got your lyrics. The notes ensure that the lyrics align correctly to the music. By muting the track, you keep everything there in case you have to go back and edit anything.
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Jump to new posts Re: It's Not Me by lambada @ 02/14/18 10:01 AM

Thanks guys.
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Jump to new posts Re: Just Plain Folks_An Anthem of 42 Tracks by David Snyder @ 02/14/18 09:48 AM

Thanks Sergio. That means a lot. Can't wait to hear your next masterpiece!
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Jump to new posts Re: One (Acoustic Version) by jannesan @ 02/14/18 07:44 AM

Originally Posted By: PeterFJanne and Miira This is a lovely arrangement and beautiful vocal. Really nicely done in every way. Peter Thanks Peter for your kind words Janne
Jump to new posts Re: Having Fun With Our Music by Al-David @ 02/14/18 07:21 AM

Originally Posted By: RnAMHi Alan, We must have missed this one (we've been kinda busy the last couple of months). It's great to see you guys live in these 3 videos. You're doing a fabulous Willie Nelson performance and we love Di's voice too! We're very sorry to hear that she is getting worse. Our sympathies are with you both. Rob and Anne-Marie Thanks Rob and Anne-Marie! We enjoyed those days very much. If DI's health ever gets better, we'll do so more of it. As far as the Willie ne
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Jump to new posts Re: Floyds Barber Shop (Instrumental) by Al-David @ 02/14/18 06:55 AM

Nice acoustic sound. As Deryk said, it bounces right along. Alan
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Jump to new posts Re: ONE Additional Midi Output ...... by axelrod @ 02/14/18 06:17 AM

Thanks for the +1 Trygve. The workarounds are so complex for something already built into Real Band, I would think more people would have jumped on this earlier. Every year we get a host of improvements. perhaps this year we'll get OUTPUT CHORDS TO ALTERNATE MIDI DEVICE.
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PG Music News
A Little Bit Of Me Music Video!

A great music video created by forum user Floyd Jane!

This song was featured in a detailed "The Birth of a Song" video created by Floyd Jane - watch the complete video here:

RealBand 2018 Build 5 Update Available!

RealBand 2018 customers can download the latest free patch update here:

Summary of Changes for Build 5
Added: When generating the input file for saving as an MGU/SGU SongMode128= is saved to the input file.
Added: Localization support for 2018.
Added: flyby hints to new dialogs.
Fixed: Save As with a filename greater than 128 chars could cause an error 123 plus access violation.
Fixed: Rebooting RealBand after a filename with 128 chars was saved could cause an access violation.
Fixed: Pressing the Change button in the Event List Window could result in an access violation if an event was not a Note event.
Fixed: When running in Win 10, and using BBW or PT to generate audio harmonies, an error would occur saying that you need BB 2011 or PT 12 to generate audio harmonies.
Fixed: Midi Thru Method was not being saved to the .INI file. It always reverting to Track-Specific when booting up RealBand, even if the user manually changed the setting to Global in the Midi Thru Settings dialog.
Fixed: Delete All Notes on This Peg menu item in notation window right-click menu was missing.
Fixed: Potential crash on exit (having to do with the DLL attempting to free up a dynamic array that was passed to it).

Band-in-a-Box® 2018 Build 512 Update Available!

Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows customers can download the latest free patch update here:

Summary of changes for Build 512 since 510 (Feb 15 2018):
Fixed: "Load SoundTrack Song" and "Load song with RealDrums Audio" buttons in the Sound Track dialog were not working.
Fixed: After returning Band-in-a-Box to factory settings the File Open dialog would default to the bb\Data\Lib directory.
Fixed: Choosing a custom chord sheet font would ignore any color choice made in the font selection dialog.
Fixed: Drum names were sometimes truncated in the RealDrums MultiDrums and Quicklist dialogs.
Fixed: Exporting a MIDI file might cause the error, "MIDIConv.exe no found".
Fixed: Mixer changes were not undoable, and would not cause user to be prompted to save their song when exiting.
Fixed: Static in RT2438 and other various RealTracks fixes.
Fixed: StylePicker database various updates. Some styles were displaying the wrong feel (swing/even) in notation. A few styles incorrectly showed missing Drums.
Fixed: The audio latency setting would increase every time leaving the Windows Audio Devices dialog.
Fixed: The Download Manager folder name defaulted to 2016 instead of 2018.
Updated: Help file.

PowerTracks Pro Audio 2018 is Here!

PowerTracks Pro Audio 2018 is here! PowerTracks Pro Audio 2018 includes many new features and enhancements:

Windows Audio (WASAPI) driver support. This allows for low latency audio recording/playback without requiring ASIO. Note that this supports 1 stereo input plus 1 stereo output at a time. For multiple inputs/outputs, you should continue to use either MME or ASIO.

ABC Notation format support. You can save a track of notation in a popular ASCII text format to import into other programs, or you can paste this format into a user forum as a way of sending the track (usually the melody and chord symbols) to other users without having to attach a file.

The built-in Audio Chord Wizard detection in the Chords window automatically detects the chords of the song, based on the audio data from all non-muted audio tracks. This works similar to the standalone Audio Chord Wizard, except that it uses the current bar lines of the existing song.

Notation Enhancements:
-X/8 time signature support. This is a special method of displaying 6/8, 9/8, or 12/8 time signatures in the Notation window.
-The Duplicate previous chord in notation right-click menu lets you quickly duplicate the previous chord (group of notes on same peg) without having to reenter it.
-Delete highlighted notes in notation right-click menu lets you delete all highlighted notes.
-Delete all notes on this peg in notation right-click menu lets you delete all notes on the nearest peg that was clicked on.
-You can now enter Section Numbers. Previously, you could enter letters (A-Z) only, but now you can also enter numbers (1-9).

...a full list of the new features in PowerTracks Pro Audio 2018 is available at

#TBT - The Beginning of Xtra Styles PAKs for Band-in-a-Box®

We released the much-loved Xtra Styles PAKs in August 2016! This release included 164 RealStyles for Jazz, Country, Rock-Pop, and Singer/Songwriter and worked with any Band-in-a-Box® 2016 or higher UltraPlusPAK, EverythingPAK, or Audiophile Edition!

Xtra Styles PAKs were such a hit... we couldn't stop making them! Since their introduction, we've released 3 more PAKs with a total of over 600 Xtra Styles in all!

Want to hear what other program users are doing with their Xtra Styles? Visit our Xtra STyles Contests forum to hear all the songs submitted during previous song contest we've had:

Learn more about Xtra Styles PAKs and listen to their demos at

Band-in-a-Box® Customer Feedback - Feel The Love!

Check out some great feedback we've received on our Facebook account from program users:

"I have been using Band-in-a-Box for years. It is the anchor of my music gigs as well as my fun in my studio. I have used other software but Band-in-a-Box is my main go to."
-Jack T.

"Love Band-in-a-Box. As someone who played professionally for 20 years and retired from live performing years ago, I still love music. Band-in-a-Box allows me to create fun arrangements which I can sing over or play over. There are THOUSANDS of different variations plus you can enter any chords you like and create any chart. It's also great for creating background tracks for videos and audio content for websites, training etc. And like everything else in the world . . . it may not be right for everyone. For those who love music and don't have the time to shed five or six instruments it's way cool."
-Vinnie R.

"This program has completely changed my playing for the good. I can experiment with playing chords and leads over various scenarios that I can quickly create and change. Love this program. I use it nearly every day."
-Dave R.

"I bought my first version in 1994 and have progressed to 2018 version. I use it to create backing tracks for live music performance. I currently have over 2,000 songs performance ready. If you can and type, and use mouse it will work for you."
-Roger M.

"The premiere reason for me for buying this program; it has given me the freedom to fully complete the foundation for my songs without the confinement of limited minded musicians. After the song concept is complete, it can then be presented those musicians to play as a cover song. Also writing a song with a band gives them partial ownership of your idea... not cool... especially since they may have fought your idea every step of the way.. Every member of an organized band should own a copy of this program to compose or to even give legitimate composition alternatives to the original songwriter."
-Paul V.

Thanks everyone!

Support for ABC Notation Format in Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows!

ABC notation is the simple text-based notation system used by musicians worldwide to store chords, melody, and lyrics of songs. Now with Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows you can open and save songs in ABC notation format!

To save the song in ABC notation format, press the [Save As] toolbar button and choose Save as ABC notation file from the menu. Once opened, select a track that you want to save and choose your other criteria - The [Copy to clipboard] button will copy the file to the clipboard (that you can then paste it into other programs). The [Save as File] button will let you type a name and select the destination in your hard drive.

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