Modern (80's+) Fusion

Posted by: Icelander

Modern (80's+) Fusion - 01/30/18 01:30 PM

Was looking for something along the lines of Mezzoforte (think "Garden Party"), and came up short. I searched this forum section too to make sure someone hadn't already beaten me to it but evidently not. Oh, and it doesn't really match any of those 3 main threads we're supposed to use (most related to jazz but not quite), hence I made a separate thread.

A case sample can be found here:
Posted by: VideoTrack

Re: Modern (80's+) Fusion - 02/03/18 05:15 AM

Definitely would be a great addition.
Posted by: Icelander

Re: Modern (80's+) Fusion - 02/03/18 02:28 PM

Thanks for the moral support, I'm sure cool

By the way, I have since making this thread actually found something called Catalina.sty that turns out to be pretty similar, but it's an all-midi style plus (RD's) and no RT's smirk

Still, maybe that gives them something more to work with, especially since those fantastic drums are already in place but don't seem to be utilised in any other style (that I'm aware of).