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DRUMMERS NULL FACTS 1 - 01/03/18 12:11 AM

We’ve been told over time that practice makes perfect. It was taught to us in school sef. Who am I to say that my Head Master was wrong?
Now while I wouldn’t say outrightly that this is straight up not true, I think you should know that it is not entirely accurate. Practice does not make perfect. Practice does not make permanent. Practice instead makes Proficient.
Let me explain:
You remember those crazy exam questions where you’re provided four correct options and asked to select the most appropriate answer. e.g UI’s Post Graduate Exams. All the options would be correct. But there’s only one appropriate answer. Mad exam .
So back to the matter…
When you say that Practice makes Perfect, you inadvertently say that Perfection is attainable. This is not quite accurate as it automatically negates the concept of Practice which is something you’re supposed to do to get better. Thus you’re never going to perfect it… You’re only going to get better at it...... http://musicalcrib.com/drummers-null-facts-1/
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I've heard this logic before.

I've also heard that perfection is the lowest standard because it's not attainable.

I'm not sure I agree with either of those assessments as the definition of "perfection" doesn't seem to be what people would imply it to be. It doesn't mean ONLY without flaw.

To me it comes across as someone who was looking to start a discussion to get out of practicing wink

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Hear to Lear...
Practice doesnt Guarantee Perfection.. We do hope you got that fact
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Hear to Lear...
Practice doesnt Guarantee Perfection..

You're statement indicates it's possible then?

Btw, I agree with you. The wrong thing, practiced 100% accurately would still be the wrong thing. I'm sure many of us have seen that situation played out many times.

We do hope you got that fact

We? Just curious.

Please know what you said and are presenting isn't lost on me. It's great conversation for sure. smile