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Funk - 05/17/16 11:54 AM

BIAB needs more funk !
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I'm in


Good crisp funk preferable here.
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You can never have 'too much' funk! cool
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Get down, baby!

This is one area in the PG universe that really should be better and it's not like it hasn't been done already. All the good arranger keyboards have great funk styles. The two big Kahunas in the arranger world are the Korg Pa4 and the Tyros 5. Check this out:

This this one is the absolute bomb in an arranger keyboard demo. Marco is a monster but listen to these backing tracks. Wow!

Here's some equally killer Tyros funk styles:

PG would have no problem at all bringing in players who could record tracks just as good as Korg and Yamaha did. The great value of Biab is these are four to five grand keyboards but at the bottom of it all they're just prerecorded tracks. PG can easily do the same thing with the RT's and midi too for that matter. Really check out the horn lines too.

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Originally Posted By: magicaldog
BIAB needs more funk !

Thanks for the suggestion magicaldog, and all others for the +1s. Noted smile
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Yes, well worthwhile.
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I realize this is an older post but, in my opinion, still relevant. Although there have been a few nicer funk keys, there's still nothing as sweet as those three links Bob posted - they're killer!

So, still a +1!

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1+ We want the Funk! Gotta have that Funk!
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+1 I had to buy extra styles pak 4 because it seemed to have to most funky stuff. Keep it coming please PG Music!