Guitar screen feature request

Posted by: ronhawker

Guitar screen feature request - 01/08/18 09:04 AM

I think you could really expand the use of the guitar fretboard screen if you would allow the user to set the mode displayed on the fretboard. You could then see how the modes are used in playing. As far as I can tell you do allow either aoelian or phyrgian modes to be selected. By allowing others to be selected you could used those to help write music for those of us not fully trained. They could also be used for practice and learning modes, scales etc.
Posted by: Jim Fogle

Re: Guitar screen feature request - 01/08/18 12:07 PM

Question to clarify your wishlist request,

When you mention allowing more and different "modes" do you mean allowing the fretboard to show more string tunings with each tuning based on a different musical scale? I don't understand exactly what you mean by mode.
Posted by: ronhawker

Re: Guitar screen feature request - 01/08/18 01:51 PM

I believe that is another name for scale tone. In my limited knowledge the aeolian scale tone is like a minor mode or minor scale tone. I would also like to have the option of others like the minor pentatonic or the mixolydian scales for a key by position.

Sure I am off technically...