Slow to Ending

Posted by: Islansoul

Slow to Ending - 12/07/17 09:09 AM

As of now, in the Mac 2017 version, if I want to slowly end a song, I have to go into the setting and change each bar to a different tempo. I would like to be able to select a number of bars and tell Band-in-a-Box what tempo I would like it to end with.
Posted by: VideoTrack

Re: Slow to Ending - 12/07/17 10:55 AM

Not an unreasonable request.
Posted by: zedd

Re: Slow to Ending - 12/08/17 02:55 AM

+1 !!

I like this a lot, and also wish they would improve the ability to do numerous kinds of "multiple bar operations" from a single command like this.

We should be able to select multiple bars and then perform operations on all the selected bars at once, including your request for the tempo to start at such and such a tempo and end at another one.

Other examples include... selecting a set of bars and having BIAB put holds on all of those bars for a particular RealTrack (or on every 4th bar, or whatever is desired). Same with shots and rests. There are quite a number of operations that have to be manually done bar by bar, and it would be extremely helpful if we could control multiple bars when applying certain commands (even including the ability to transpose of a specific set of selected bars).

That would be BarBar-ific!!!