My Virginia

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My Virginia - 12/31/17 07:21 AM

I can't remember if I posted this previously, but if so, I'll share again. If not, enjoy the listen.

Graham Clark, one of my former choir directors at church, wrote a song a number of years ago to enter into the new Virginia state song competition. He made it into the final judging; his biggest competitor was Jimmy Dean, as I understand it.

Anyway, he gave me a cassette with a piano accompaniment in the left channel and his vocal in the right channel. So I was able to pull the vocal separately.

With that, I was able to use the ACW to get the chord progression and tempo map. I can't remember the style I used at the time, and I did some interspering of RealTracks. Anyway, here is the result, courtesy of BIAB and RealBand, with Graham Clark singing to my producing.


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Re: My Virginia - 12/31/17 10:13 PM

Extremely well re-created John.

This is a really good listen.

But Tractor-Made ice-cream?
Posted by: Noel96

Re: My Virginia - 01/01/18 11:17 AM


What an excellent listen! You've done an amazing job putting this together from a cassette tape. The clarity of the vocals is outstanding and the quality of the backing is superb! Kudos on a first class arrangement, too.

I really enjoyed my listen.

Happy New Year,
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Re: My Virginia - 01/01/18 06:09 PM


Really nice sound. Did you use the ACW app or the internal ACW to align everything?

Interesting selection of photographs.
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Re: My Virginia - 01/01/18 06:48 PM

I used the original ACW, as this song was done several years ago.

And tractor made ice cream is where he uses his early vintage era tractor to drive the cream churn. He sells it at the county fair.

Pictures were provided by his buddy, who posted the video originally. It was a really fun project.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
Posted by: Charlie Fogle

Re: My Virginia - 01/02/18 04:23 AM

Very nice production. Very nice quality on the vocals. I have so many cassette recordings that could be done this way but are unusable due to the poor skills of the recording engineer at the time, (me).

Enjoyed my listen.


And yes, a tractor PTO can run nearly anything....

that made me smile.
Posted by: Don Gaynor

Re: My Virginia - 01/10/18 06:42 PM


Really enjoyed the listen and your expert production.

Tractor-made ice cream piqued my taste buds as a hopelessly addicted ice cream lover.