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#145659 - 01/08/12 12:47 PM [Off-Topic] Re: What`s wrong with my HiFi? [Re: Sandra Sherman]
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First off: Thanks so much for your help!
I am in the process of testing what you guys suggested. Of course today everything works fine, I`m very sure though, tomorrow when I`ll be teaching it`ll appear again;-))

I thought about the wires too, since they are the same age the old amp was (hmm, I moved in in 1990 - daaamn;-)) But so are the speakers...

But to exclude the Poti theory I will plug the headphones into the amps the next time it appears again. If the crackle ain`t on the headphones it can`t be the volume poti.

I`ll let you know my testing results.


A very sensible test procedure, Sandra - Isolation of a problem like that is how to find out where the problem is occurring.

You might also try rotating the Volume knob a wee bit as well, see if the crackling is connected to that function or not.

Record/Source switches on HiFi preamps and receivers are also notorious for becoming dry and doing the same thing, channel dropouts, scratchiness, etc. So when the problem happens again, try moving the Record/Source switch(s) back and forth a few times to mechanically clean their contacts. ALL sound must pass thru these switches.

As for the amp being new and doing the same thing, this is often a function of the environment that the device is living in. Dry air from forced air heating, dust in the air, forced air heating/cooling with inadequate filtering or filters in need of cleaning or changing, tobacco smoke, such things in the environment can cause the switches and controls to yield these kind of problems sooner than expected.

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#145660 - 01/08/12 12:52 PM [Off-Topic] Re: What`s wrong with my HiFi? [Re: Don Gaynor]
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Before you buy anything else I would follow some of the suggestions already posted. That is swap speaker wires from your left channel to your right channel. Does the problem change to the other speaker? If so your wires are bad. If not physically change speakers from the left channel to the right. Does the problem change? If yes then your speakers are bad. If not then the problem is in the amp.

Does the problem happen with everything, phono, radio, CDs, etc? Is the amp just an amp with a changer, cd player etc plugged in? Is it an all in one? Info like this could help us solve your problem.

Good luck.
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#145661 - 01/12/12 01:08 PM [Off-Topic] Re: What`s wrong with my HiFi? [Re: MarioD]
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I have seen repairmen just twist a knob back and forth repeatedly and got rid of pot noise . One told me it was from not moving then enough .

#145662 - 01/13/12 11:56 AM [Off-Topic] Re: What`s wrong with my HiFi? [Re: Tommyc]
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I have seen repairmen just twist a knob back and forth repeatedly and got rid of pot noise . One told me it was from not moving then enough .

This trick can work well by getting a little mechanical cleaning action of the all-important contact surfaces but I must include the important caveat that if the control does not have enough of the original lubrication components left in the critical areas, it may also be a recipe for the premature wear of contact surfaces such as the carbon stripe in a potentiometer. Eventually, this could result in such wear and tear that the control will have to be replaced.

Good thing to know in a pinch, but it is highly recommended that if excercising the controls brings joy, consider it a sign that you should get the proper cleaner/lubricant inside that control as soon as conveniently possible, don't just keep doing the same thing over and over - and in most cases, without the cleaner, you will have to do that. And then one day it fails entirely...

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#145663 - 01/13/12 12:22 PM [Off-Topic] Re: What`s wrong with my HiFi? [Re: Mac]
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here I go...

I had a problem like this times ago.
Old loudspeaker boxes. In portuguese the faulty part is called "Divisor de Frequencia" (Frequency Filter is it?), a device that is mounted inside the speaker Box, with 1 or 2 potentiometers, that are able to equalise the sound. I supose it is called "crossover" in English.

Some of these potentiometers are wire resistors, high Current I supose. Well, one of my faulty loudspeaker box was with this potentiometer with some kind of problem; when volume (that is, Voltage AND current) come hight, sound crackled...


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regards, from Brazil
Luiz Dias
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#145664 - 01/13/12 06:38 PM [Off-Topic] Re: What`s wrong with my HiFi? [Re: Luiz Dias]
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Yes, Luiz, in English that is a passive "crossover".

And, if speaker system has knobs to adjust the crossover, the wirewound potentiometers used can get just as dry and corroded as any other potentiometer, try using that DEOXIT spray on those as well. Just a wee little bit goes a long way, avoid the idea that "more is better," drenching can be a bad thing.

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#145665 - 01/15/12 11:52 AM [Off-Topic] Re: What`s wrong with my HiFi? [Re: Luiz Dias]
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Any system is only as good as the weakest link in the chain and audio systems are certainly no exception to the rule. Assuming that your music system is producing reasonably pleasant sounds, you may never stop to give it a second thought, but with a few simple tests you can check to make sure that your speakers are wired correctly and that you’re getting the best out of your system.
Attaching speakers to your Hi-Fi system usually only requires a few cables. You wouldn’t think that getting these cables mixed up would present much of a problem would you, providing your music plays back OK and no smoke comes out of the system?

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