RealBand 2012 is here with over 40 great new features!

Some people ask about features that are specific to MIDI (ie not to RealTracks or audio recording).

This list is only listing the MIDI-applicable new features in RealBand.
For a full list of RealBand 2012 features click here...

Guitar Amp Simulator AmpliTube CS is included. This allows you to add guitar effects to a MIDI track.

New horizontal master output VU meters on the main toolbar. There’s now a VU Meter visible on the screen at all times, with a clipping indicator. This applies to MIDI tracks using VST or DXi synths.

There are handy new buttons in the tracks window.

[S] Solo buttons are on each track. Now you can select multiple tracks to solo, by clicking the S button on the tracks that you want to solo.
[F/X] FX button launches the dialog to choose VST Audio F/X or MIDI Synths for the track. This is much faster method than previous.

StylePicker Filter has been Enhanced.
There is an easy search feature on the main StylePicker filter window. You can type a search term, press Enter, and the styles are filtered. This includes, in addition to typing any text, special terms like Ev (shown only Even feel styles), Sw (Swing styles), 8 (8th note styles), 16 (16ths note styles), 140 (find styles that work at tempo 140), 140! (list only styles where the original tempo is 140), Real (list only real styles), MIDI (list only MIDI styles), , “Duo/Trio/Quartet” (# instruments) and more.

StylePicker Advanced Filter has been enhanced.
There are new options to include/exclude styles with soloists, only include styles matching the tempo exactly, , individual genres listed (e.g. show Country and Pop styles only), faster (single click) selection of options (radio buttons instead of drop down combo) for most commonly used settings. StylePicker filter added for time signatures 4/4, 3/4 waltz, 5/4, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8, and others.

Stylpicker memo enhanced: Expanded size show; more of memo shows.

Song memos are imported from Band-in-a-Box songs.
The Auto-generated memo is also imported from Band-in-a-Box songs that have been saved by Band-in-a-Box 2012. The imported memo appears on the comments window, which is opened with the song.

Now Able To Save A Highlited Region (Or Entire Track) Of A MIDI track as Song As WAV, wma, mp4 Or m4a.
Choose the new Track- Save selection as audio (WAV,WMA,mp4,m4a) command, or right click on the tracks window to choose this command.

“Band” button added to main screen, allowing you to quickly choose the most commonly used styles for Jazz, Pop, and Country. While this list is populated with RealTracks Styles, you can customize it (via the menu) to add your favorite MIDI styles.

MIDI Styles can now contain extra information such as:
Custom Panning, Reverb. Styles can also store Audio FX to use with tracks, and specific VST synths to use.

(Nt+) (Nt-) Note+ and Note- buttons on the Guitar Window. If a notation window is open, pressing these buttons will place the note on a different string for guitar tab or on-screen guitar display. Note: this is done by use of MIDI Channels 11 to 16 for guitar strings.
Have Fun!
Peter Gannon
PG Music Inc.