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#150663 - 02/14/12 04:10 PM Who's Been Drivin' My Car?
Tim Lawrence Offline

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Hey guys,

Here's a country song I wrote about a guy and his car.

Song Link:

Realtracks used in this song:
Bass S M 539:Bass, Electric, Pop Sw 120
Piano S M 528:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Hank Sw 120
Drums S M RealDrums=NashvilleSwing8^2-SideStck,Ride
Guitar S M 1679:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking CountryBrent Sw 120
Strings S M 1505:Pedal Steel, Soloist, CountryShufflePaul Sw 120 (Bluesy)
Soloist S M 1566:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm SouthernRockJohn Sw 120


Who's Been Drivin' My Car
Tim Lawrence (2012)

when I got home yesterday
from two years in Iraq
the first thing that I did
was to go and get her back
but I noticed somethin' funny
'bout the way my honey sat
She was lookin' kind of rusty
and all her tires were flat

Who's been drivin' my car
yeah who's been taken her out
you drove her way too hard
she's lookin' all tired and wore out
now her seats are dirty
and her ash tray's full
she don't look pretty
like she did before
I ain't pointin a finger but I wanna know
who's been drivin' my car

Now when I left, I left the keys
with my trusted friends
who swore they'd take good care of her
and check on her now and then
but now their lookin' nervous
and warein' guilty grins
as I ask about
the sorry shape my baby's in

Who's been drivin' my car
yeah who's been taken her out
you drove her way too hard
she's lookin' all tired and wore out
I put the dip stick in
saw the oil was low
she won't turn over
and the horn don't blow
she once was fast
now she won't go
Who's been drivin' my car

Who's been drivin' my car
yeah who's been taken her out
you drove her way too hard
she's lookin' all tired and wore out
now her seats are dirty
and her ash tray's full
she don't look pretty
like she did before
I ain't pointin a finger but I wanna know
who's been drivin' my car

Yeah I ain't pointin a finger but I wanna know
who's been drivin' my car


#150664 - 02/14/12 05:42 PM Re: Who's Been Drivin' My Car? [Re: Tim Lawrence]
seeker Online   content

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What a nice enjoyable, fun song to listen too.
Many guys have great attachments to their cars.

You told a nice story with the lyrics, and a bit
of humor mixed in with it. The touch of the piano
solo in background adds a lot to the song.
Also the interlude(if that's the word) with guitar is very nicely done.

Thanks for sharing with us !

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#150665 - 02/14/12 06:06 PM Re: Who's Been Drivin' My Car? [Re: seeker]
Kemmrich Online   content

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Sounds like a good tune and a fun write. Vocals needs to come forward a little more in the mix.

WAIT -- I turned it up and now only the first verse seems too low. Chorus and 2nd verse sound fine. The first verse is close, only needs a slight bump.


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#150666 - 02/14/12 09:40 PM Re: Who's Been Drivin' My Car? [Re: Tim Lawrence]
PgFantastic Offline

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Love it. Very well done. Thanks 4 sharing!

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#150667 - 02/16/12 01:29 AM Re: Who's Been Drivin' My Car? [Re: seeker]
Tim Lawrence Offline

Registered: 12/27/11
Posts: 348
Loc: Long Beach California. United ...
Thanks for the nice words Frank.
Much appreciated


#150668 - 02/16/12 09:33 PM Re: Who's Been Drivin' My Car? [Re: Tim Lawrence]
MitchC Offline

Registered: 08/19/11
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Nice tune and track. Keep it up !

#150669 - 02/17/12 01:21 PM Re: Who's Been Drivin' My Car? [Re: Kemmrich]
Tim Lawrence Offline

Registered: 12/27/11
Posts: 348
Loc: Long Beach California. United ...
Hey thanks Kevin.

I've fixed the vocals, just haven't re-uploaded the song to SoundClick again.



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