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#400972 - 03/15/17 08:13 PM [User Showcase] SPOKES IN A WHEEL
Torrey Bliss Online   content

Registered: 07/11/15
Posts: 632
Loc: Missouri

This is a song I wrote in 2005 but just now got it put together. It's about helping others. I was reminded by a person at my church one day that we are like spokes in a wheel , which help carry the load. When some of the spokes are missing it makes it more of a burden for the rest. I thought, that needs to be a song. So here it is. I truly hope it's a blessing to someone. Thanks for listening and please comment. Lyrics are in the YouTube video. Torrey.

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Drums (As a side note-I prefer the sound of the RealDrums, I don't think there's a better sound out there. But I had to use these on this track to fit the many pushes in the track.)

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#401075 - 03/16/17 10:20 AM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: Torrey Bliss]
Robertkc Offline

Registered: 06/09/16
Posts: 885

A very good punchy sound to this.
Your vocals sound fine to me and the song really showcases your guitar playing ( love that intro!)
The bridge adds a nice touch of pop sophistication.


#401087 - 03/16/17 12:04 PM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: Torrey Bliss]
floyd jane Offline

Registered: 08/10/12
Posts: 5041
Loc: Florida

Good song. The tracks are outstanding! Those pushed are done really well.

It rocks. The guitar work is terrific.

Vocals are good, too. But there is something about them that seem a bit too out-front. I think they should "sit in the mix" more...

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#401106 - 03/16/17 02:41 PM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: Torrey Bliss]
RnAM Offline

Registered: 05/02/14
Posts: 2693
Loc: The Netherlands
Torrey, this sure is something else. Different from you usual songs I think.
But it sure rocks. Very nice vocals, and I agree with Floyd they could be a little bit more 'in' the mix.
But that's a small nit ;-)
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#401113 - 03/16/17 02:59 PM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: Robertkc]
Torrey Bliss Online   content

Registered: 07/11/15
Posts: 632
Loc: Missouri
Thanks Robert, I always appreciate your comments. T

#401114 - 03/16/17 03:02 PM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: floyd jane]
Torrey Bliss Online   content

Registered: 07/11/15
Posts: 632
Loc: Missouri
Thanks Floyd for your comments. I actually worked on the volume levels on vocals and re-uploaded. I cleaned them up a bit and was able to lower them some. Maybe not enough. I had more trouble getting this one right compared to other songs I've done. T

#401162 - 03/17/17 12:24 AM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: Torrey Bliss]
animarorecords Online   content

Registered: 05/11/15
Posts: 619
Loc: Aichi, Japan
Hello, Torrey

Great Rock song!
British sound.
Your vocals and lead guitar are so nice.
As you said, I also think MIDI Drums or something else are better choice if there are many pushes in the track.
Enjoyed my listen a lot.

Best regards.

Shigeki Adachi

#401174 - 03/17/17 02:11 AM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: Torrey Bliss]
rsdean Offline

Registered: 08/09/10
Posts: 2666
Loc: New York

Very nice! Great vocal and outstanding tracks. Love the mix as well.

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#401187 - 03/17/17 05:08 AM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: Torrey Bliss]
Charlie Fogle Offline

Registered: 04/07/13
Posts: 3769
Loc: South Carolina
Good song and a great message. Enjoyed listening and tapping my foot along with you this morning.

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#401207 - 03/17/17 07:47 AM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: Torrey Bliss]
44kfl Offline

Registered: 11/19/12
Posts: 1092
Loc: Middletown, PA.
The intro sounded kinda Rolling Stones
cool loose groove - love it
I really like the overall feel and sound
Good write!
nice arrangement too
you bring a professional quality to this and all
your songs and I always enjoy listening


#401218 - 03/17/17 08:06 AM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: Torrey Bliss]
David Snyder Offline

Registered: 08/29/14
Posts: 2508
Loc: North Carolina

Amen Brother! Way to go. Love the song and the message.

By the way, Little Jimmy Waits told me to tell you he listened to this song and it cheered him up some.


#401287 - 03/17/17 02:56 PM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: RnAM]
Torrey Bliss Online   content

Registered: 07/11/15
Posts: 632
Loc: Missouri
Rob, thanks for the kind comments. Appreciate it. T

#401307 - 03/17/17 05:02 PM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: Torrey Bliss]
tommyad Offline

Registered: 05/22/11
Posts: 2407
Loc: Florida
Torrey, I especially enjoyed the guitar work and the arrangement. Good vocals and write as well. Tom

#401343 - 03/18/17 02:33 AM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: Torrey Bliss]
Yorkshireknight Offline

Registered: 01/29/17
Posts: 81
You have a great vocal range Torrey and I think your melody lines come natural to you. I loved this song and also the message behing it.
Well done Torrey on another great arrangement.


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#401354 - 03/18/17 04:19 AM [User Showcase] Re: SPOKES IN A WHEEL [Re: Torrey Bliss]
PeterF Offline

Registered: 12/06/03
Posts: 1483
Loc: Sydney Australia
I agree with Tom great guitar lines and arrangement.
A top quality overall production.


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