An update is available for Band-in-a-Box® Version 2017

Download the Band-in-a-Box 2017 Build 173 update

Summary of changes for Version 2017 Build 173, since Build 171 (May 3, 2017):

  • Drag and drop from Master to MIDI quadrant would fail with errors.
  • When opening an XML file, the current song would be erased if the user clicked Cancel in the file open dialog.
  • The extended RealDrums patch descriptions were not displaying on the mixer.
  • A mixer patch description would be blank for RealDrums on non-drums tracks.
  • When you select a style with your cursor or keyboard and hit return, the StylePicker closes but your selected style wasn't chosen.
  • "Memo:" should not be showing in the Titles dialog.
  • If you select a song in the Titles dialog then sort by something, it jumps to the top and loses your selected song.
  • If you type in random words in the filter in the Titles dialog it shows up with lots of entries.
  • The [Show all] button in the Titles dialog doesn't work. It deletes the text but doesn't show you all the songs available.
  • The [Defaults] button in the Titles dialog reveals a whole bunch more hidden empty columns.
  • The [Save list] button in the Titles dialog doesn't function.
  • Step advance issues in the notation window.
  • In the notation window regular advance in editable mode should advance to the 1st or 3rd peg of a beat that has 4 pegs on it.
  • Band-in-a-Box might crash if user clicks on any of the main menus while booting up.
  • The 'F3' hot key symbol did not display in some popup menus.
  • For some cases of opening or saving a file (eg choosing VST plugins), the file dialog would not open in the right directory.
  • The menu item "Insert Current MIDI chord" should display command+return as the hot key instead of control+return. Both work, but control+return is impossible to do with one hand on a standard Apple keyboard.
  • Update patches are downloaded into "/Band-in-a-Box/Data/Updates" instead of "/Band-in-a-Box/Data".
  • If running Band-in-a-Box in a language other than English, automatic updates should not report available English update patches.
  • Choosing to save a song would ask to "save as", as if the song file did not already exist.
  • Blues chords were showing up when importing xml.
  • Whole song was not saved to xml.
  • Program could freeze when saving to xml.
  • Program would crash if attempting to save xml to root of hard drive.
  • 2017 PDF full and upgrade manuals.
  • Small omissions/typos in Artist Bio's.

Summary of changes since version 2017 Build 170 (April 20, 2017):

  • Fixed: Chord sheet fonts were limited to a maximum size that would not quite fill the cells. This would cause superscript extensions to sit too high above the roots.
  • Fixed: Some hot keys were not working if in the notation window (eg. command+3 to mute bass, control+T to change screen mode, etc.).
  • Fixed: The Select Song by Title dialog would not use the correct directory.
  • Fixed: "Open Previous Style" is set for "At program bootup..." then the user would be asked if they wanted to save their song when loading a different song.
  • Fixed: Save As did not work. All files would be saved with the name "No File Name.sgu".
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