After having upgraded to the 2017 Everything Pak last year, I have a USB miniHD with BIAB 2014 Everything Pack on it that's been gathering dust.

I'm considering upgrading to the 2018 UltraPak (Everything Pak apparently no longer exists as an option). But I want to copy 2018 UltraPak's contents onto the 2014 miniUSB hard drive and run BIAB 2018 from there. (I don't want to go thru the headache of installing onto my internal hard drive, since its running out of space. And I don't want to run directly off of the original 2018 miniHD because of having to inevitably install BIAB patches etc. to it.) This leads me to a few questions:

a) Will 2018 UltraPak fit onto a 298 GB HD? (That's the size of my 2014 miniHD).

b) Other than loading up a bit slower than it would off my internal HD, are there any drawbacks running BIAB 2018 from the USB hard drive?

c) One of the improvements in BIAB2018 is said to be much lower latency. I have always experienced significant latency when using my keyboard with BIAB (which I always had to use a workaround for.) Does this improved latency in BIAB 2018 address keyboard latency? If so, will that improvement be negatively affected by running BIAB from the external mini USB hard drive?


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Kawai VPC1 MIDI Controller; Asus A53E Laptop running Windows 7 - 64 bit; BIAB 2017 UltraPlusPak (upgraded from 2014 EverythingPak), running from Laptop's Hard Drive.