Well, I think I may know how it happened. I was trying to adjust the ending and I got this message that popped up a few times, telling me that there were notes in a section I wanted to delete and it asked if I wanted to keep them. Turns out I had the "Generate (insert) new bars" option checked, and I didn't realize it, or what it would do, for that matter. So the first time this happened I chose "no," but the second time I chose "yes." At first I didn't notice a difference. But then as I was closely listening to the melody, I noticed that the middle chorus out of the three seemed to be louder and more vibrant than 1 or 3. So I chalked it up to "humanizing" the piece, but then I got to thinking. So -- in edit mode -- during the louder 2nd chorus, I moved a note -- sure enough there was another one underneath. I tried with several other spots in the 2nd chorus -- same thing, a note underneath, identical to the one on the surface, let's call it.

I know I can go in and delete notes one at a time, but that's gonna take a while, although I'm prepared to do it. But in case this should happen again, is there a faster way to remove a duplicate voice? Maybe from the event list, if I knew what I was doing in there.

Also, I was really unclear about that popup telling me there were notes in a section I wanted to delete. First of all, I wasn't trying to delete anything, I was trying to change the ending. And second, why would it double the melody in the 2nd chorus, but not the first and third? I mean, the second chorus should have no way been affected by my changing the ending.

As a side note, this song has been a real PITA. It is a tune that was entirely generated by the Melodist -- both melody and chord progression. From the outset it had problems. It has a four bar intro. When it hit measure 36, instead of replaying from measure 5, it returned to the beginning of the intro, but played the melody that should have begun at measure 5 at measure 1 instead. So the melody was 4 measures out of sync with the chords during the second chorus, and same for the third chorus. I corrected this by forcing a repeat at measure 5.

But after I did this, a bunch of notes were added to the melody, which conflicted with the harmonies and just made everything sound really bad. So I had to go into the melody and delete every single note that didn't belong. What a PITA. And where in the heck did they come from anyway?

And another thing that is peculiar to this one song. You know the bunch of rectangles shown about the music that indicate which measure you're at? Well normally I can double click on a rectangle and the song begins playing from that spot. Not with this song. When I double-click on a rectangle, everything stops except the bass and strings, which are stuck on a single note. If I tap the space bar to stop it and then tap it again, it begins playing normally from that location. What is up with that???

Finally, the way the song was ending, it played measure 1 as the Coda. Well I didn't want measure 1 as the coda, I wanted measure 37 and 38 as the coda. But BiaB didn't like that idea, insisting that measure 73 had to be the beginning of the coda, which makes no sense. But I relented and allowed measure 73 as the beginning of the Coda -- or "tag" as BiaB likes to call it.

So after a lot of work, I finally have the song operating the way I want. All I have left to do is get rid of the voice doubling in chorus 2. I've looked all over for a menu item that addresses this, but haven't found any. Any ideas on that?

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