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#447879 - 12/29/17 01:07 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Win 10 Updates - Breaking Audio Drivers [Re: sslechta]
MusicStudent Offline

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Originally Posted By: sslechta
See if there's anything strange that's enabled and disable it.

I did just that. Nothing too suspicious, but I did take the opportunity to google a couple entries and then disable them.

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#447899 - 12/29/17 02:17 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Win 10 Updates - Breaking Audio Drivers [Re: MusicStudent]
sslechta Offline

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Originally Posted By: MusicStudent
I hate to point fingers, but this all started with BIAB 2018. Just a coincidence? crazy

My only concern on that one is that if BIAB was causing issues there would be a lot of folks complaining about the same thing.

Most all issues regarding BIAB or any other music software ties back to the sound card. In your case, MOTU.

I don't know of many users around here that have one of those.

- Do you have any online MOTU resources you could search through that describe similar issues and are there any resolutions you can find aside from reinstalling the drivers?

- Does power cycling the MOTU resolve issues with BIAB?

- As far as something locking the audio drivers..... When that happens to me, it's usually something like a web browser page with a video or something. Maybe you have some background audio or video process running on the Task Manager Details tab that's causing the issue. Since you've checked the Startup tab, try the Services tab and sort by running. Maybe one of those is the issue. You can open Services with the Open Services button at the bottom of that page. Then you could stop or disable any potential problem services.

Hope you can make progress. This one seems tricky.

P.S. - Maybe a screenshot of your audio driver preferences from BIAB?

P.S. II - Since you say YouTube sound is gone too, see if there's any Microsoft Edge/Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome processes running. Maybe there's a virus or a badly installed MS patch from the recent updates.


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#447902 - 12/29/17 02:24 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Win 10 Updates - Breaking Audio Drivers [Re: MusicStudent]
Teunis Offline

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Sometimes when the ASIO stops and it says to reboot the ASIO does not come back. When this occurs I go to the Devices section, turn off the sound card, it says reboot but I don't, then turn the card on again and then reboot.

Since I completely uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it I have not had issues.

Note however ASIO will only work on one instance at a time. It can lock up if you try to use it in two concurrent sessions. This has always been the case.

For what it is worth,

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#447918 - 12/29/17 03:19 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Win 10 Updates - Breaking Audio Drivers [Re: MusicStudent]
MusicStudent Offline

Registered: 12/08/02
Posts: 5478
Loc: Chicago
Thanks guys. It was strange that power cycling either\both the computer or the MOTU did not release hold on the device.

One more mystery of life. I will let you know if\when I figure it out.
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#447922 - 12/29/17 03:42 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Win 10 Updates - Breaking Audio Drivers [Re: MusicStudent]
rharv Offline

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Maybe it does release the hold, then grabs it again on start up.

I'd look hard at Windows mixer (or other) settings that may have changed.

Just a hunch
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#448018 - 12/30/17 06:39 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Win 10 Updates - Breaking Audio Drivers [Re: MusicStudent]
Mike Head Offline

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Well I had to pay a bit of attention to my default start up practices.
Is your MOTO an external audio interface?

I use an Akai Eie pro this is external and has its own power supply and switch.
I have this set in windows as my default audio device.
It is also my default audio for BIAB running dedicated ASIO drivers.

Mostly I make sure that the Akai is on before starting windows.
If it is not, like when I take my laptop away or out with me windows falls through to the onboard Realtech HD. sound chipset.
At this time of course BIAB is still expecting the Akai so I would have to change my audio setting in BIAB.
Realband on the other hand if it does not see the Akai immediately throws a wobbly and reverts to Mime.

Starting the Akai after start up is fine as long as I start BIAB after that.

Just some more thoughts
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#448021 - 12/30/17 06:48 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Win 10 Updates - Breaking Audio Drivers [Re: MusicStudent]
MusicStudent Offline

Registered: 12/08/02
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Loc: Chicago
Yes, the MOTU Audio Express is an external device. And like you is the default for all system audio. An exception is that I set BIAB to default to MME with the MOTU. I save ASIO for my recording in REAPER.

It is a magical dance of audio configurations and setup that generally keeps the whole music system running smoothly. However, once in while things go astray.

Thanks for the input. I have my eye on thinks now.
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#448029 - 12/30/17 07:31 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Win 10 Updates - Breaking Audio Drivers [Re: MusicStudent]
eddie1261 Online   content

Registered: 04/08/11
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Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
I would also test to see if it works with BIAB with MME sound drivers. If ONLY the ASIO is failing, that's another clue. I don't know what it would tell you, but it's another clue.
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#448246 - 12/31/17 11:27 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Win 10 Updates - Breaking Audio Drivers [Re: MusicStudent]
eddie1261 Online   content

Registered: 04/08/11
Posts: 4165
Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
Now THIS is strange. After that toxic update that appears to break stuff, my Focusrite works just fine to play Real Band files. But suddenly now nothing ELSE will play! My MP3 player functionally plays files, but there is no sound routed to the Focusrite. It isn't fatal because all I do on that computer is use Real Band, but how strange. I will play with it when there isn't football on TV.

Before anybody asks, I tried to play wav and MP3 files in Microsoft's Groove player, in Windows Media Player, and in Foobar, all of which worked before that last update/upgrade, whatever we are calling it here. Something amiss in the audio engine that I will worry about later.
Why does the Department of DEFENSE want a weapon with first strike capability? Wouldn't that be the Department of Offense?

#448252 - 12/31/17 11:57 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Win 10 Updates - Breaking Audio Drivers [Re: MusicStudent]
MusicStudent Offline

Registered: 12/08/02
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Loc: Chicago
Interesting that REAPER does not have any problem. But, BIAB, YouTube and ALL other system audio remains silent.

Coincidence? wink
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