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#456362 - 02/07/18 10:25 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Pick Holder HOW TO Tutorial [Re: Teunis]
James Francisco Offline

Registered: 06/20/06
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Loc: Northern Michigan
Probably the only good thing that resulted from this thread is that many people offered alternative methods to combat the problem of dropping picks. Good job, all!

I'm glad you found a solution to your problem with picks. Holding them loosely was never an issue for me! That's pretty much the only way I CAN hold a pick.

But one thing kind of got lost in the discussion... that this was intended to help people with hand injuries or severe arthritis that are unable to hold a pick without some other aid. That's all I wanted to share.

Thanks, all.

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#456392 - 02/08/18 04:19 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Pick Holder HOW TO Tutorial [Re: James Francisco]
VideoTrack Offline

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I certainly thank you James for articulating a great idea.

Yes, I definitely understood that you were all about helping people with specific problem solving. I don't play guitar, but I followed your solution with great interest. Good job.

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#469458 - 04/26/18 12:02 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Pick Holder HOW TO Tutorial [Re: James Francisco]
Pat Marr Offline

Registered: 10/25/08
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Loc: Winston-Salem, NC
resurrecting this thread on un-droppable picks for people who have a hard time holding on to them...

I finally bought a 3d printer, and I've been printing some of my old ideas about how to make a pick that can't be dropped. I have no intention of trying to sell these, its mostly just a project that interests me.

But if anybody here actually has trouble keeping a good grip on your pick and would be willing to test some of my prototypes, just shoot me a PM with your snail mail address and real name (postmen get confused when a letter is addressed to some forum handle) and I'll be happy to send samples of whatever I'm working on. All I ask is that you reply back and give me your honest product review.

Obviously this is a very large forum and I can't afford to send free picks to everybody, so for now we'll limit this offer to the first 20 people who respond.

In your PM please tell me a little bit about the severity of your gripping dysfunction to help me decide which design(s) would be most appropriate.

(or, if anybody has a 3d printer I can just email you the files. )

#469533 - 04/26/18 06:37 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Pick Holder HOW TO Tutorial [Re: Pat Marr]
Jim Fogle Offline

Registered: 08/20/11
Posts: 3922
Loc: Winston-Salem, NC USA

Are you printing the complete pick or grips that fit on a pick? What material are you using? Does the material used affect how difficult the picks are to hold; in other words how tight the finger grip must be? Are you placing a design onto the grip surface?
Jim Fogle
2018 BiaB (520) UltraPlusPak RB 2018 (Build 5)
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#469547 - 04/26/18 09:51 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Pick Holder HOW TO Tutorial [Re: Jim Fogle]
Pat Marr Offline

Registered: 10/25/08
Posts: 7525
Loc: Winston-Salem, NC
Hi Jim, thanks for replying with such good questions!

Originally Posted By: Jim Fogle
Pat, Are you printing the complete pick or grips that fit on a pick?

I have all kinds of ideas in the works, which is why it would be good to get feedback from others. I'm open to any idea that suits the needs of any guitar player who is faced with the possibility of never playing again unless he/she can find a pick that works. All of the prototypes I've printed so far have been complete pick or pick assemblies. But some future ideas (not printed or even fully designed yet) will be a gripper of some kind that holds a standard off the shelf pick. You worked as an engineer if I recall correctly. If you have ideas or drawings for a pick that you'd like to try, I'll be happy to make one or more prototypes and mail them to you.

What material are you using?

The prototypes so far have been made from PLA plastic, which I think is a bit stiff for picks. My next roll of filament will be something a little more flexible. Still researching the options, so I don't know what flexible plastics will work on this printer yet. Do you have any recommendations?

Does the material used affect how difficult the picks are to hold; in other words how tight the finger grip must be?

In my opinion the material seems to affect the playability more than it affects how the picks are held. The DESIGN/SHAPE of the pick is mostly what affects the holding. Some of the designs are more cumbersome than others, and would probably only be useful to somebody who is facing an all or nothing scenario. Better to play awkwardly than to play not at all. Other designs aren't much different than regular picks, so they would be more useful to somebody without a disability... one who is more of a butterfingers and tends to drop picks for other reasons.

Are you placing a design onto the grip surface?

Hard to answer that without defining the term "design". But if I understand you correctly, I'm going to make an assumption and tentatively say "no". No knurled or "grippy" surfaces on current prototypes. They're more like shapes that conform to your grip and/or the shape of your fingers.

You live here in Winston. We should meet for lunch and I'll bring a bunch of prototypes and you can take them home and give them a workout.

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