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#454995 - 01/31/18 05:42 PM [User Showcase] Re: 2017 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
PeterF Offline

Registered: 12/06/03
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Loc: Sydney Australia
I think all those positive comments speak for themselves.
Thanks for such inspirational software and a company to go with it.
Congratulations to all the winners. It’s been amazing to converse with become friends with and make music with people all over the globe as a result of this software and the forum that goes with it.


#455004 - 01/31/18 07:16 PM [User Showcase] Re: 2017 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
Jim Fogle Offline

Registered: 08/20/11
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Loc: Winston-Salem, NC USA
Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks you PG Music for your generosity to your customers. Looking forward to hearing all the songs of 2018.
Jim Fogle
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#455193 - 02/01/18 04:49 PM [User Showcase] Re: 2017 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
Charlie Fogle Online   content

Registered: 04/07/13
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Loc: South Carolina
Wow. Just saw on another thread the mention that I was included in the list this year.

Very humbled and grateful. PGMusic is an outstanding company and a wonderful staff of caring people. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks so much for the generous and awesome gift.

BiaB Ultra Pak 2018:RB 2018 Build 5

#455677 - 02/04/18 07:16 PM [User Showcase] Re: 2017 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
HiroshiK Offline

Registered: 01/16/15
Posts: 488
Loc: Japan
Dr. Gannon and the PG stuff members managing and supporting the Forum,

Thank you very much for giving me this great honor. I am very happy to be included in the list of the winners together with other outstanding artists. I am encouraged and motivated a lot to continue my music creation work and share its outcome with the forum members including the PG stuffs. They are all excellent artists as well as appreciative listeners.

BIAB is my best partner, tutor, helper as well as Shelpa in my music creation journey. It took me to the foot of the high mountain and helped me try climbing up for the summit. Without it, I could just look it up from far away. I want to empress my gratitude to all those who are/were invloved in the development of this incredible application software.


#456504 - 02/08/18 03:07 PM [User Showcase] Re: 2017 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
Rob4580 Offline

Registered: 01/28/12
Posts: 2358
Loc: Murgon Queensland Australia
Thank you Peter for this wonderful gift. Its gone to a good home. Rob

#456809 - 02/10/18 11:08 AM [User Showcase] Re: 2017 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
gruverider Offline

Registered: 07/15/12
Posts: 1555
Congratulations to everyone who uses and enjoys Band In A Box. And to PGmusic for being such a consumer friendly company. I'm looking forward to hearing some wonderful songs from all who participate and look forward to all newcomers that want to share their songs and comments and grow this wonderful community.

Thank you PGmusic for the generous gift.

#457252 - 02/13/18 12:04 AM [User Showcase] Re: 2017 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
bluage Offline

Registered: 12/10/09
Posts: 447
Loc: Washington State

Sure you got that right, bossman blush ???

All right. You got my attention.

Pardon my expression of surprise, but the only thing I ever "won" in my life was a pet turtle when I was ten years old...and then, it died frown , and I don't know why...

It's very nice of you. Thank you.

"Music is what feelings sound like."-- borrowed from a Cakewalk Music Creator forum member, "Mamabear".

#459215 - 02/25/18 04:53 PM [User Showcase] Re: 2017 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
Steve Young Offline

Registered: 06/17/10
Posts: 1662
Loc: Canyon Lake, TX
I find it hard to come up with the words to adequately express my gratitude to Dr. Gannon and the staff of PG Music for their generosity. This past year was a tough one for me, so finding out about this award really made my day! I am humbled by everyone's kindness here. This forum is one of the friendliest groups of people in the world. I'm sure most of you would agree that this group is like an extended family to one another. I appreciate all the kindness that flows like a river through this place! Not to mention all the talent that is at work around here (and it just keeps getting better and better)!

Blessings to all of you,

Steve Young
"In order to compose, all you need to do is remember a tune that nobody else has thought of." - Robert Schumann

#459663 - 02/28/18 02:58 PM [User Showcase] Re: 2017 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
Jon Thomas Offline

Registered: 12/18/15
Posts: 172
Hi guys, I've been away from this forum (and actually from many other things as well) for a while - you know, life happens sometimes smile
Now I'm back, and it's just in time to see this.
Just ... wow.
I'm really honored to be in this list.
And even more, I am just blown away by the generosity of this company and Mr. Gannon.
I'm gonna follow his example, and I'm gonna use this prize to make a friend of mine really happy with a gift such as BIAB.
Thank you again Peter Gannon and PG Music!!!
BIAB 2018 Audiophile edition
Win 7, 64 bit

#461079 - 03/08/18 02:42 AM [User Showcase] Re: 2017 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
LPman Offline

Registered: 04/09/14
Posts: 329
Loc: Montréal Quebec Canada
Thanks so much PeterGannon.... I have no excuse to not make great music!
Creative Commons: Tethered 2018

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2. Melody | Import Melody from Clipboard - when the MIDI data is already copied from another program to the

A new window will open, asking for additional criteria - which channels, # of bars to offset..., # of bars to import, include lyrics, include patch changes - and more! Head to our online manual Chapter 10: Working with MIDI to learn more!

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