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#459988 - 03/02/18 09:52 AM [Beginners Forum] VST : Biab reset the default preset !
massichat Offline

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It's not just a single VST, but several.
- For the most part, as soon as I click on Play, Biab modifies the preset automatically and often puts it on the default preset, and sometimes the preset 26 of any plugin!
- On others, it puts default fx integrated VST (Reverb, Delay), all changes are reset by default when I click on Play.
- And on others, you can not change the volume, neither on the mixer of Biab (it keeps the position but no change of volume), nor on the knob of the VST (the knob returns to the default position after Play.

Some give the opportunity to work around the problem by going into the global preferences of the VST and locking external midi control / change.

But for the most part, the only solution is to prevent Biab from controlling the VST MIDI parameters and so far, I have managed to limit most of these initializations by modifying Biab parameters, but it remains still work, I now want to avoid setting it to the point of limiting its own useful features and especially the too customize it and alter its performance.

How then to prevent Biab from changing the settings of the VST loaded without limiting it to the other MIDI functions out of VST ?

#459994 - 03/02/18 10:34 AM [Beginners Forum] Re: VST : Biab reset the default preset ! [Re: massichat]
jazzmammal Offline

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I'm not at my music computer but you go into the VST window and click "save preset" or patch or whatever it says. You'll see it.

This is one of those quirky midi things that many don't understand. It's the host that controls the VST not the other way around but if you save the patch in the VST itself then it's ok.

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#460042 - 03/02/18 03:32 PM [Beginners Forum] Re: VST : Biab reset the default preset ! [Re: massichat]
massichat Offline

Registered: 02/07/18
Posts: 29
When the track is running, I can make any changes I want.

But it does not matter if I save the preset or not, as soon as I press Stop, then Play in Biab, some VST's parameters return to their original value (Volume, Insert FX, Reverb ....).

It seems then that clicking on Play in Biab sends some MIDI commands that I still can not identify and disable.

#460056 - 03/02/18 05:47 PM [Beginners Forum] Re: VST : Biab reset the default preset ! [Re: massichat]
Noel96 Offline

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Have you loaded a midi file into BIAB? If so, such a midi file could have settings contained within it that load every time it is played.

For example...

1. a song midi file is obtained from the internet and then loaded onto the Melody track so that the song's melody is present.

2. BIAB is then used to create a backing for that melody.

3. depending on midi events within the midi file, it is possible that this file can reset all settings each time it plays.

If the above scenario applies, use BIAB's midi monitor to see what embedded events are present in the midi file.


#460062 - 03/02/18 06:22 PM [Beginners Forum] Re: VST : Biab reset the default preset ! [Re: massichat]
massichat Offline

Registered: 02/07/18
Posts: 29
Hi Noel96

No, I'm not talking about midi files
But VSTs
I load Ample Sound Guitar, the sound is too loud, I lower the volume, everything is ok until I click on Stop, then Play in Biab, the volume knob returns to its initial value.
Same with lots of VST: The built-in FX of VST from Korg, the presets from Rob Papen, this while I'm only at the beginning of the test of my favorite VST in BIab. All these oddities do not happen when I use them in FL Studio.
As I said before, I have managed to solve most of these problems, but I am afraid of having at the same time touched on useful functions that will also affect the midi integrated patch tracks in Biab.
That's why I'm looking for a less radical solution.

#460071 - 03/02/18 07:00 PM [Beginners Forum] Re: VST : Biab reset the default preset ! [Re: massichat]
Jim Fogle Offline

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In another thread +++ HERE +++ Kent with PG Music Support indicated both PowerTracks Pro and RealBand have an issue with handling MIDI into and out of a VST, He reported the issue to the developers.

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Jim Fogle
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#460216 - 03/03/18 12:59 PM [Beginners Forum] Re: VST : Biab reset the default preset ! [Re: massichat]
massichat Offline

Registered: 02/07/18
Posts: 29
Jim Fogle,
Thank you, but Kent's post is about the fact that a host does not detect and therefore does not take into account the modifications made on a VST before closing.
That's not really what I want to talk about.


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