I'm pretty sure that Harvey is referring to the judicious use of BIAB Hits and Rests, Gale.

Exactly, Mac.

There are four steps involved:

1. Insert a part marker AFTER the bar where you want a solo drum fill. In this case, we want a drum fill at Bar 4, so we put an "A" marker at the start of Bar 5.

2. With the cursor on Bar 4, right click and choose the Chord Settings option.

3. Select Hold, Shot, or Rest. (I usually use the Hold option most.)

4. Finally, select the box marked "Except" and then mark everything but the drums.

Now when you play the track, all the instruments will hold at Bar 4, while the Drums play a nice turnaround.

In the very last song ("Keepin' Me At A Distance"), I used a rest for all the instruments, but kept the pedal steel going.

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