My needs in BIAB are rather simple and straightforward. As new upgrades become available, I'd like to be able to audition very good demos on the web site, then be able to customize my order with differential pricing for new styles and Real Tracks. I've upgraded each time and wind up with a lot of styles (and now more RTs) that I won't use. That's because of my market for live play, which is primarily oldies and light, easy jazz tunes. I've nothing against techno, hard rock, ethnic, etc.., it's just not my thing. So, I'd rather not have all that installed. Maybe one option would be to deinstall those items not used. But, someone said when you do that the names of the titles of the styles and RTs remain in place. If that's accurate, how about the ability to remove those, too? Another wish of mine (unless it's there and I can't find it) is a clear-cut template that would allow the user to set volume levels of particular instruments between the A and B variations. In my case, it's mainly drum volumes. It seems that on many styles the B variation comes in with a hard snare back beat that stands out too much for my tastes. I look for substitute patterns or try to use brushes as much as possible. I'd like to see something that says "Variation A drums play at 90." "Variation B drums play at 80." And at my age, and lack of interest in such, I'm not getting into editing the drum kit. I take everything as it is and go with it. Most of the time it's an excellent result. Very pleased with 2010.