I am an infrequent user of the ACW, and I'm using it now. I brought in a .WMA file. All seems well - plays the file and shows all expected info including interpreted chords and chord notes. I set bar 1 and reworked the tempo using F8 as usual. When finished I got the ACW Utilities dialog. I clicked "Make tempo map..." and "Close" and then the BIAB chord sheet was displayed. All seemed well EXCEPT all the chords are gone. The chord sheet is blank. The audio plays just fine. I've done this twice with the same results. For kicks I went back to ACW and the chords were not shown there as well. I looked for a way to tell ACW to re-interpret the chords but found nothing. I have reviewed the help text and video with no clues.

I don't recall this happening on previous encounters with ACW.

Is this normal behavior? Is there something I need to do to prevent the loss of the chords? Any ideas? Thanks.

Dell Desktop XPS 8100 W7 HomePrem/64 / Core i5 760 (quad, 2.8GHz) / 8GB DDR3 / 1 TB SATA / ViewSonic VG2428wm / EMU1616 PCI / Event ASP6 Active Monitors / BIAB 2016(428) / Sonar Producer X3