This quick and dirty song by PSR was recorded and mixed in three hours. It tells the story of a very close friend from St. Regis Falls NY who went with a friend to close up his cabin in the woods and discovered the front window was broken. At first he thought it was a bear however as he was looking in he saw a gun pointed at him from someone who was coming down the stairs from the cabin’s loft. He and his friend started running. The man, a man wanted in California, started shooting at them, blowing out the windows of our friend’s truck. Fortunately they ran to a family members cabin and called the police. After a shoot out with the cops the man surrendered. With our friends help he was convicted and is currently in jail awaiting extradition to California. Fortunately no one was hurt during this ordeal.

The neat thing is just about everyone up in St. Regis Falls has a nickname. Our friend’s nickname is BootLip; don’t ask, I don’t know how they get their nicknames! Bootlip’s friend is called Bugger! Bugger did yell run Bootlip run!

Now Bootlip is one fantastic guy and jokester. I met him, as well as all the others, for the first time last spring. He had me in stitches immediately. He is just one fun loving individual. That is why we had no problems doing a song like this about his horrific experience.

Also note that St. Regis Falls is an extremely small town; one bar called the RiverSide, one convenience store and gas station, one small diner and a couple of churches. Now don’t get me wrong as the people are fantastic, however the town made me think of “Mayberry” and hence the Barney Fife parts!

We played nothing on this song. This song was generated in Band-in-a-Box using the DOCBD_F style, Med Bluegrass w/fiddle, and the RealTracks that go with that style. SteveS is singing the lead and BobH is singing the lower harmony.

We hope you like it- PSR
The only exercise I did this month was run out of money!

64 bit Win 10 Pro - the latest BiaB and RB - Roland Octa-Capture audio interface - a ton of software and some hardware.