Or, since we could, considering the season, call it....."Me... and my new guitar" (tapping on the strings like Herb Ellis)...if you remember his fav thing to do with up-tempo Shearing, et all!!

Merry Christmas "Notes" (and keep those fingers warm during these Florida Cold Snaps!)<...>

Herb Ellis was truly one of the greats!!! He will be missed but fortunately he left a legacy of recordings for us to enjoy.

And these cold snaps have got to go. We had one come through yesterday with rain. It was our outdoor gig at a marina, so the gig was canceled. Too bad, I didn't get to play my new guitar on the gig yesterday. But tonight, Saturday and Sunday are all indoors, Monday we have off, and then back to it again. Hopefully Thursday of next week will be nice.

I can't wait to go to "work" tonight. They don't call it playing music for nothing!!!

Notes ♫
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