So you understand, a lot of the difficulty with these infections is the fact that the infected program runs at startup in windows. This makes it difficult for some antivirus programs to fix. If the program is already running, it is difficult to get a hold of, and then many, when told to close, will clone themselves to start again on startup, so even what appears to be a successful removal really wasn't

That's the idea of starting in safe mode; so fewer things start up and there is a better chance of getting truly cleaned.

By using a Linux CD, windows does not boot at all, so the files are much easier to remove because the program is not running, and windows commands, such as cloning itself when closed or deleted, will often not work in the Linux environment (unless the coder specifically thought of that, which is unlikely since it would clash with windows when running).
The Live CD's are not too difficult to grasp, as they act like windows for the most part, unless you start looking for specific files, then the file system is different.
John's suggested Kapersky version may be a good one for you start with, since it is designed for this purpose, and has a nice selection of instructions right there on the download page. I strongly suggest reading that, as there is a slight chance of file system corruption if not started correctly. (If Kapersky asks to restart or continue, select restart for safer operation)

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