Some software I have has a radio comp preset ,I'll see if I can find the settings maybe you can duplicate so it might slide through with out the need for it to change . For years I made a 30 min radio show of an Oprey House and as soon as I discovered the comp preset they never messed with it again . I'm not sure but I think a comp at the station does this to all music it deems below a certain level .It was the worst job ever , took 50 to 60 hrs of cut and paste to make their band radio worthy . The drummer never played till about the 3rd beat even though he counted it off ! I had to find a good turn-around to make a beginning with every time . And the singers were pitch shifted every few notes . It was a 2 hr. show but I had to include a bunch of the MC's jokes and local commercials just to squeeze out 30 minutes .