I am running BIAB 2011 Build 318....

Have any of you experienced when you have entered a song's chords, selected a style and pressed play that no sound is heard? I know the song is playing because I see the piano keys in different colors indicating the tracks are indeed playing.

What I have discovered is that as the song is playing, I click on Pref / MIDI Driver..(MIDI/Audio Drivers Setup Window opens) and I click OK. Walla.....sound. That is just weird!

This problem is also noticed when I JukeBox a directory and press play. Some songs play, however others do not.

I tried to nail it down to a single style when this occurs, but I can't. Some songs with styles that exhibit the scenario described above produce sound while other songs with the same style do not. One more twist...I have changed between ASIO and MIMI with the same results.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Mark.