alternative ideas:

1) If you know the chords, just enter them into the chord sheet and pick a style

2) If you don't know the chords, import the MP3 into the ACW and extract the chords and timing, then send it back to BIAB and apply a style

3) Russell's idea of using a MIDI file is good if you can find one

4) I've also had some luck searching for a song on youtube, then playing it over and over until I figure out the chords. Then I type 'em into the chord sheet.

5) if you need it in a hurry for a gig, there are lots of places online that sell backing tracks. Surely one of them has it. If not, they might make it for you than add it to their list of available songs

6) search the web for the song's chords.. for example, is this the version you want?

if not, keep searching. I got tons of hits when I typed "I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS"