some time ago, i made the suggestion to include a plug-in that would separate the phantom channel to preserve that musical information and allow further manipulation. exactly opposite a vocal zapper plug. such a plug could be very helpful in alan's situation but it fell on deaf ears. any center channel information could be thus isolated for study, hopefully lead parts etc. with a differential amplifier the signal could be "tracked" if off center by tweaking the cmrr. mac and james chandler know from whence i speak. unfortunately, i've failed to spark an interest in such a plug-in. if you think it would be fun to molest center channel information then here's your chance to be heard.

Hmm... that's a good Idea Don. But maybe we don't even need a special plugin. I'm going to take a simple song and run it through the ACW after EQing it in different ways to see if there is a frequency favored by the chordal instruments such as keyboard or guitar. Its the decorative instruments that confuse the algorithm, I think.

I'll report back if I see a trend worth mentioning.
You can train a dog to jump through a hoop by positive reinforcement. But if you kick him just once after he jumps through the hoop, he will probably avoid the hoop from then on. The same principle is true of song writing.