Hey ya'll,
Hope you enjoy this song Bob and I did together. Comments welcome and appreciated.

RT's used: NashEv8 drums; 700 Bass; parts of 896,1002,1118 acoustic 12 str; 870 ModernRnB guitar and 1237 Smooth Jazz soloist. Arranged in BB/RB and Tracktion.

Maybe It's Me
©2011 Josie Beck, Robert Dean All Rights Reserved. ASCAP

I been walking up a down escalator
Getting nowhere fast
Stuck inside an old revolving door
Watching the world go past
Then like a flower in a crack on the sidewalk
Shooting up looking for the sun
You appeared in my eyes right out of nowhere
Now I’m all undone

Maybe it’s me
Wanting you to be everything I want you to be
Maybe it’s me
Wanting to see ev'rything in you I wanna see
Oh will I find one thing in life’s not too good to be true
Aw Maybe it’s me but baby I’m hoping it’s you

Honey you are my heart elevator
Coming just in time
Taking me up that mountain top
I thought I’d never climb
When old shadows from the past try to haunt me
Whispering better slow it down
You smile at me and they scatter in the sunlight
I will tell you now

Repeat chorus

Oh I think I know that you know that I know
I’m falling yeah I’m falling for you

Repeat chorus

Aw Maybe it’s me
But baby I’m hoping it’s you

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