...being midi's most sounded like they were constructed on a carnival Ride if that makes sense

This is a very common perception among people who don't understand midi. You're assuming that a midi file automatically sounds cheap just because it's midi. Nothing could be further from the truth. The sound quality of a midi file is completely dependent on the synth you're playing it through. A Korg 01W is an antique, man. It sounds like crap for acoustic instruments, it has some decent synth sounds and a couple of decent electric piano's but that's it. Playing a midi file with one on a gig? No way, especially the drums, they're very weak.

It's true that the Real Tracks are one way to get away from midi but midi is still very important for a lot of songs and to sound good you have to have a good synth. By that I mean a good synth, not a freebie like the Roland VSC or even the Coyote Forte for $40. Those are ok, they're not too bad but compared to the Ketron SD2 or my Roland Sonic Cell they sound like toys at least to me, YMMV. I just took delivery of a new Kurzweil PC3, you should hear what some of my midis sound like through that, you wouldn't believe it. You already know you need to spend some bucks for good quality equipment like a guitar and amp plus good cables and the rest. Same for a midi synth if you're going to gig with it.

Everything else everybody has said is right on but I wouldn't worry about waiting a month for the big Xmas sale because PG usually will make it right if you've just bought the package a few weeks before the new release but don't take my word for it, just call sales and ask about that.

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