yes, loop experiments here are working out nicely!

I cut a drum snippet from a well-known Celtic CD and added it to the demo song of one of the celtic styles. It completely changed the feel of the song, and allowed me to add a guitar passage that didn't quite fit the drums before!

Loops.. man, they are a GAME changer! I find myself reconsidering my options at every point in the song creation cycle!

My ONLY complaint (and its a very small one):
the current system for picking loops REQUIRES that the loops reside in the BIAB loops folder.. there doesn't seem to be a way to navigate to a different directory to pick loops stored elsewhere on the system. Not a big deal if you are just installing loop libraries, because you can put them wherever you want. But if you already have a ton of songs that are hard wired to look for loops in a different directory, you can't just MOVE the loops, you have to COPY them... and that can require a lot of hard drive real estate.
You can train a dog to jump through a hoop by positive reinforcement. But if you kick him just once after he jumps through the hoop, he will probably avoid the hoop from then on. The same principle is true of song writing.