the way loops follow the chords is cool, but there is still the fact that a major chord remains a major chord, and it can never become a minor or any other chord. so how about this idea:

It would be cool if we could create a subdirectory of the loops dir, and fill it with all the snippets for one instrument. In this directory one could have a C.wav, Cm.wav, C7.wav, CMaj.wav or any other valid PG chord name,(named in the same way as on the chord sheet.)

Then instead of loading a single loop, there could be an option to apply/reference the whole directory to a track. Then for each chord change, if a snippet by the same name existed in the directory, it would be loaded into all the spaces for that chord.

To my knowledge, NOBODY else implements loops in this way. It would be consistent with the idea of building proprietary features on the existing foundation. It would also add quite a bit of flexibility to loops while making them even more compatible with the standard chord paradigm we already know how to use.