Good stuff:
I liked the general flow and feel of the song.
you have a great voice for that style of music
harmonies worked quite well
I liked the fact that you played a lot of it yourself
This may be your first song posted here, but its clearly not your first go-round at songwriting. You seem to have a flair for it.
It was fun listening to it.
the guitar work shows real talent
they were innovative and not a rubberstamp of every other guitar part ever heard

Not as good stuff:
A simpler and more predictable bass part would have really enhanced the song.
You posted it saying it was not finished.

all in all a good listen
You can train a dog to jump through a hoop by positive reinforcement. But if you kick him just once after he jumps through the hoop, he will probably avoid the hoop from then on. The same principle is true of song writing.