1st of all I gig right from my laptop using BIAB files. I type my lyrics in the memo window in BIAB, works well for me. I also prepare playlist for each gig as I know what my audience expects to hear, but I do take request as all songs are in folders that are easly found with just a few clicks. With this said I make sure by taking request I don't put myself in a "name that tune" situation so I stick pretty close to the playlist I have prepared. After the 1st request I let my audience know that if there is a song they really want to hear and I know it, I will play it, if I don't know it, I will try to fool them and if that dosen't work I'll play something pretty close. This usually breakes the ice and lays down a method for handling request.

I pride my self on kicking off tunes from a playlist no longer than 15 seconds apart. I do this for 3-5 tunes then slow down and visit with my audience for a minute (60 seconds as they came to hear me play and sing not to talk) then repeat another 3-5 tunes 15 seconds or so apart. The jukebox feature is a great asset for live gigging.

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