Hopefully a tip or two below may be of help. I put this together as on many occasions a forum member will ask some advice on getting started, or in many cases like mine re-started in playing live gigs. And more recently in response to a couple of threads pointing out the pitfalls of getting live gigs (especially solo & duo gigs) in today’s economy.

While YMMV and because of the "hire on the cheap" attitude of many club owners these days the following would be my game plan if I were just starting to seek live gigs tomorrow.

#1. Retirement Communities - Check out the internet to them in your area.

a. Because they are so many of them.
b. You can get steady gigs instantly.
c. Many book their monthly acts for a year in advance.
d. They all have entertainment budgets.
e. The crowds are fantastic.
f. Your efforts will be appreciated
g. Great venues to try out new material.

#2. Corporate Functions - Every business in your area is a potential gig.

a. The pay is great.
b. Usually 1-2 gigs a year.
c. Usually 2 - 2 1/2 hour gigs.

#3. Fraternal Organizations - Again use the internet as they are in every neighborhood.

a. The pay is great.
b. Usually 2 - 2 1/2 hour gigs.
c. Great audiences!

#4. Private Parties - Explain how they can get a live musician for less than a dj.

a. The best payday of all the above.
b. The hiring individual is the easiest to work with.
c. You will meet these contacts at other gigs if you network.

#5. Gig Salad - I have a free account with Gig Salad and I get anywhere from 5 - 10 solid leads per year. So I figure my "0" dollar cost has paid off big time here.

Hopefully this info will help those who would like to get back playing live if for nothing else just to get them started with that first step. Also keep in mind dj's get 100.00 - 150.00 per hour in my neck of the woods, so I play that as a plus to hire a live musician for the same pricing again your mileage may vary.

Danny C.

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