its mix l mix r in the creative asio drivers. I was going wrong using the inputs labelled analogue as I assumed the 'what you hear' was the signal routed to the speakers which I thought would have been analogue. the trouble with the MME drivers is that even in PowerTracks - as well as Audacity and Creative Wave Studio - using What you Hear results in bad distortion. Whether this is due to the Creative drivers just being rubbish with Windows 7 I'm not sure but using ASIO everything works fine although for recording 'off air' PT isn't as user friendly as Audacity.

One issue I found was that expoer to wav file didn't give me the full file of the programme i was recording - just the first 30 minutes. Merge tracks ect - even though there was only one track got me the whole programme as a wav file. maybe that was just a glitch.