So, did anybody here really get into the halftime show? Outside of Madonna, anybody here know who these people are? I was reading a review of the show in the LA Times this morning and these acts were mentioned in that casuai "everybody knows who they are" way that writers use when they know their readers.

This really makes me feel out of touch. Why? Because I am. The article even mentioned that starting last year with the Black Eyed Peas, the halftime producers are deliberately getting away from that southern rock/country/blues style that a fairly large group of football fans are into because it's no longer mainstream. What we saw yesterday is now mainstream. Outside of being visually spectacular, the music itself had no relevance to me whatsoever. Seems like just a few years ago that Big Bad Voodoo Daddy did the show and it was great.

Makes me wonder about the long term future of PG Music because as it is now Biab has no relevance to this new mainstream stuff either.

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