I kind of had a different thought. Madonna was a gamble for the TV folks, in that she is past her prime, and they did not know if it would translate well or not to a younger crowd. I think the gamble paid off for all involved. For the network they got a big name performer that wanted to be there, and considered it a challenge. She actually looks great for 53, and showed she still has the chops to perform live. The who came out and actually sounded rather badly, The stones were okay, but obviously aging badly, Black eyed peas were great, even though i actually hate them as an act they did "git 'er done" The last show I thought really rocked was McCartney a few years back for an old dude he really brought the energy.

Madonna doesn't dance like she used to, but who would 25 years past their prime, but she sang well (that is what ever parts were not lip sync) But some of it seemed live to me. The other thing is that she seemed to mature in her show. It was glittery, and over the top but other than a bad taste moment from the MIA dude, her show was cleaned up from what she used to do. I heard a lot of people toss around that Lady Gaga should have been chosen, but do we really need a show like she did last year on TV, at the American Idol finals. That was not for prime time and children to well idolize.

So I think Madonna was fun, she sang a new song or two, and an old hit or so, and in the end the crowd was entertained. I just wish the concert would be at the end of the game, and allow the game to progress with less interruption, and loss of momentum.
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