My Sweet Bunny

This time a merrier song than my usual work, made for a special occasion. I'm singing the lead vocal and the extra bassline in the chorus. It was fun to write the lyrics and to sing, and BIAB really gave many nice folky instruments to choose from. I hope it brings you joy and summer feelings smile

Based on your feedback on my previous song, I tried to cut the low frequencies and lift up some higher frequencies (4khz) of my voice in the mix more, do you think it is enough or do I still need to work on it?

RealDrums: GypsyJazz, MotownFunkyTriplets
Acoustic Bass: #2126
Electric Bass: #2362
Acoustic Piano: #2225
Electric Piano: #2363
Acoustic Guitar: #938
Electric Guitar: #651
Pedal Steel: #2672
Ukulele: #1142, #1143
Fiddle: #1117

Lead vocal, 'bass': Janne
Backing vocals: Vocaloids (Ruby, CyberDiva, CyberSongman)

Mixed in Adobe Audition 2017


My sweet bunny
sing me a song
snuggle in my armpit
all night long.
My sweet bunny
sing lullabies
remind me what we have done
under the skies
there was a cozy
warmup in May
then fire at the sunset of the
beautiful day.

Thanks to my angel
I feel alive
my sweet bunny, catchy smile
My bambi eye from the woods
my matching part
my sweet bunny, lionheart.

My sweet bunny
put potatoes to boil
in your hair I smell
the coconut oil.
My sweet bunny
pass me a wing
use the napkin, wipe the
grease off my chin
picnic on the isle
green moss in the sun
remember people walking by
they saw our fun.

Thanks to my angel...

My sweet bunny
pour me some wine
give me a long kiss
my valentine.
My sweet bunny
here's a pint of pale beer
your coaster has my name
you're so special and dear.
Lean on me tight
I'll walk you to my house
I'll lend you my old toothbrush
you can sleep in my blouse.

Thanks to my angel...

My sweet bunny
so important to me
my inspiration
my Calliope.
My sweet bunny
my gifted muse
I have perfect time
on a lifetime cruise
with you.