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Scott & Robert,

A very cool sound throughout. Somewhere between The Starship and Genesis. The lyrics fit that perfectly. The vocal, too.

Super guitar work, Scott. Really like the distortion/delay - "just enough".

An excellent listen.

(The vocal gets lost a bit at times, but I couldn't tell if it needed a bump in volume or a bit of EQ to separate it from the guitar bed)

Y'all are doing good stuff together. Enjoyed it.


Thanks Floyd for checking out the song. Thanks also for the comments on the mix. This was new territory for me. This is a real testiment to Robert’s skill as a song writer and vocalist as I had already done the solos for each section of the song. His lyrics and vocal were a perfect fit. Getting the volume blend right between vocal and the guitar playing was very elusive. Look forward to trying this again in the future. Mixing is quite an art in itself.
Scott Collingwood