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GuitarStar Volume 1: Rockin' Riffs

GuitarStar Volume 1: Rockin' Riffs features a variety of rhythm section grooves (drums, bass & rhythm guitar) in several genres and includes tons of killer guitar riffs that can be played along with the rhythm sections. You become the star by triggering the riff you want by pressing various keys on your QWERTY keyboard.

When a riff is triggered, GuitarStar Volume 1: Rockin' Riffs automatically displays the music in both notation and guitar tablature. To make learning the riff even easier and more fun, the notes for the riff are also displayed on the on-screen guitar fretboard. For even more help in learning to play these killer riffs, watch the video tutorials where master guitarist Harris Van Berkel explains exactly how to perform each riff.

Easy and fun to play!

GuitarStar Series
  • GuitarStar Volume 1: Rockin' Riffs
  • GuitarStar Volume 2: Rockin' Riffs for the Beginner
  • GuitarStar Brent Mason Country
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