Master Blues Piano Solos

Learn how to solo like a master!

All of the solos are integrated with an on-screen piano display and notation, allowing you to see and hear note-for-note exactly what is being played. Advanced features allow you to loop any portion of a solo, to slow a solo down, or step through a solo one note at a time. You can also print the solos out for further study.
All the right hand solos in this program were played by Miles Black, accompanied by Band-in-a-Box on the left hand piano. You can use the Band-in-a-Box program to generate your own blues tunes, while you play the solos! All tunes are done in standard MIDI and Band-in-a-Box MGU formats with either solo piano or a complete band arrangement (drums, bass, guitar and piano soloing).

Includes Band-in-a-Box Files

The Master Blues Piano Solos is a stand-alone product and includes files in Band-in-a-Box format as an added bonus for Band-in-a-Box users.

Master Solos Series
  • Master Blues Piano Solos
  • Master Flatpick Guitar Solos
  • Master Jazz Guitar Solos<br> Volume 1 - 4
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