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Here's what people are saying about eMedia's Earmaster Pro:

"This is a terrific program... It is very well-designed and can be used by students of all ages."
– Michelle Gordon, American Music Teacher Magazine

"An excellent ear training tool"
– Teaching Music Magazine

"I’ve never used a better ear training software than EarMaster!"
– KC Lau,

"EarMaster Pro 5 is an incredible resource for musicians of all levels and genres. An excellent tool for both self-guided study and as a resource in the class room."
– Guitar International

"I was a music theory major in college and the EarMaster program is just as comprehensive as many of the classes I took at the university."

"Many people might say that a computer cannot replace human beings, but EarMaster certainly comes close in many ways. Given the nature of our discipline and the large amount of practice required, EarMaster is a patient and non-judgmental teacher."
– Dr. David Ehrke, Professor of Music, University of Nevada, Reno

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