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Jump to new posts Re: Ain't Nothin' Easy by MarioD @ 10/30/22 04:02 PM

Super groove and chord progression. Excellent chops! Di is in my prayers.
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Jump to new posts Re: Moon over Lenox Avenue by MarioD @ 10/30/22 03:57 PM

Nice groove and excellent blues harp! I really enjoyed this song!
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"But is it possible to export ALL stems with a single mouse click? This would save a lot of time. Perhaps a dialog could appear with a checkbox next to each of your stems allowing you to choose which stems get exported?" Sorry maybe I'm confused. You were talking "stems" that's what the individual drum tracks are called. It's the same deal what I showed you, just mute any tracks you don't want rendered. This way you can drag to a folder or directly into Studio One
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Oh, yes. I use this all the time. I don’t play keyboard but I know the notes in the chord, and BIAB will give me up to four chords to choose from (and yes, then you can enter one of these choices into the Chordsheet. I can’t tell you how many times since 1996 (including the previous forum for BIAB) I have extolled the benefits of this feature, and very few seem to believe me and actually try it. Now, there are a variety of third party utilities that can do this, but for decades BIAB had th
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Jump to new posts Re: Moon over Lenox Avenue by dcuny @ 10/30/22 03:05 PM

Nice work on the harp!
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Well I'll be, it appears to work, the window captures the chord I play and with a ctlr/enter places it in the chord chart. I have never tried that till now. Here is where I set up my Keyboard midi controller.
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Jump to new posts Re: Ain't Nothin' Easy by B.D.Thomas @ 10/30/22 02:50 PM

I like this song, it's beautifully done and calms me when I listen to it. Sorry to hear about your wife, hope she gets well soon! My best wishes from this side of the big pond.
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Only one chord at a time, by using MIDI Chord Detection.
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Originally Posted By: Mike HalloranI've edited the other post to be more consistent. Ah, right ... I did wonder if it was a decimal point issue. Originally Posted By: Mike Halloran Again, it's all Marketing nonsense. If you do the math with the speed of sound at sea level, you'll see that +/- 14" is about right and that RTL over "Fast USB 2" is more than fast enough. They wouldn't print nonsense would they I reckon <= 10ms is fine for most purposes. It's notable that on s
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Jump to new posts Re: Small Victories by Janice & Bud @ 10/30/22 01:23 PM

Well, that certainly tugged at our hearts! Your vocals, beautiful melody and band are a perfect match for Bill’s lyric. The arrangement and mix are stellar. Again, your soulful vocals paint the picture so well and make us truly feel the poignancy in these stories. Great collab! J&B
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Originally Posted By: methodmanI would like to play my chords into the chordsheet from the keyboard instrument. I have never seen this feature in BIAB?
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Jump to new posts Re: Walk The Walk by Janice & Bud @ 10/30/22 01:11 PM

What a cool lyric and video! (Loved the Mona Lisa smile and those penguins strutting their stuff.) Dave, your smoky and slinky vocal fits so well with the lyric and that sassy looking girl on the cover art Marty’s bass is super and his bgv’s blend really well with you. The organ and the poppin' great drums with you and Marty does bring to mind Muscle Shoals music. Before we watched the video we could picture that girl sashaying along to your smoking hot guitar solo. Awesome! J&am
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Jump to new posts Re: Stand Up by Janice & Bud @ 10/30/22 01:01 PM

Hey we liked that when you first posted it and still do! Smooth! This is a very nice Americana song. Your vocals are comforting in the way of J.J. Cale, the lyric is nice and the band is in the groove. We love the fiddle. We enjoyed it and feel sure the muse will return to you! J&B
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Jump to new posts Re: My Sweet Rose Petal by Al-David @ 10/30/22 12:51 PM

HI Bass Thumper ... That's a really cool song. I like the Smooth RnB influence on the over-all production. Nice chord progression and key modulations. The transitions were very smooth and worked really nice. One suggestion: bring the sax quite a bit more forward in the mix and give it a little more reverb. Other than that, really, really nice! I enjoiyed my listen very much! Alan
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Jump to new posts My Sweet Rose Petal by Bass Thumper @ 10/30/22 12:38 PM

Background I find myself pushing my composition and arrangement boundaries more and more. Hopefully I didn’t extend myself too far on this. My Sweet Rose Petal For any farmers in the crowd, this is not about a run-away goat that got into the flower garden Technicals Song Form: Intro-A-B-C-A-B-C-A-Outro Tempo: 75 BPM Key: ??? Multiple? BiaB: RealTracks in style: ~904:Piano, Electric, Rhythm SmoothCool Sw16 075 RealTracks in song: ~688:Organ, B3, Background Pop Ev 065 RealTracks in s
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Jump to new posts Ain't Nothin' Easy by Al-David @ 10/30/22 12:17 PM

Ain't Nothin' Easy It's been a week since my last post, so I pulled out another one of those "quick hits" I did recently. This particular one took a little under three hours. It has a couple of odd chords, one being a Dbm7flat5 with a G bass (Dbm7b5/G). I accidently played that chord when my fingers didn't go where I wanted them to on the fret board. But I liked the surprise chord a lot and decided to use it in this song. The most difficult part of the mix was that muted, "thumpi
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Jump to new posts Re: Support to Ukraine - Helicopters came from the sea by Derochette @ 10/30/22 12:02 PM

Hi Ezekiel's Storm , You're absolutely right, a video would have been ideal for my composition, but unfortunately I'm not very good at the image. Thank you for your comment. Kindly regard Derochette alias JaniJackFlash
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Thank you but on my options midi I am getting no choice that will allow me to input into the chord builder by my keyboard. or the chords page. I am using a Casio Ct x-3000 keyboard.
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Jump to new posts Re: Support to Ukraine - Helicopters came from the sea by Derochette @ 10/30/22 11:58 AM

Hi BlueAttitude, Thank you very much for your comment and for your appreciation. Kindly regard Derochette alias JaniJackFlash
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Yes I am working on a Windows PC, but I am not finding whats in the options core on the mac on the pc. The ports aren't listed under the Ctrl E menu on the windows platform. Yes the instructor has a mac I subscribe to Groove3 which is an excellent resource for learning how to use your musical gear.
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Jump to new posts Re: Elegant Lady by Al-David @ 10/30/22 11:35 AM

Hi Eric ... There is never a disappointment anty tinme I click onto your songs. You typically play that light and easy Pop-Jazz style I really like. This is a perfect example of that. Thje sax blenmded so nicely with your lead and the backing tracks. As I listen, I feel I[m in a late night JKazz clubm a little smoke hanung in the air, giving the neon lighting an exotic look. Your tyone is a bit tdifferent than usuual. To mne, it sounds as though there less emphasis on the mids while mainting
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Jump to new posts Re: Non Destructive Editing by Bob Calver @ 10/30/22 11:27 AM

Maybe I'm not talking about the same thing but with the ability to add four separate plugins to each track in RB there is a huge opportunity to edit - or at least modify - the audio without changing the original track. Using Elements you can chain even more fx so RB can do just about anything without changing the original track.
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Jump to new posts Re: Moon over Lenox Avenue by Al-David @ 10/30/22 11:26 AM

Hi Bob ... Such a fun and relaxing song. I love these cool instrumentals that make you close your eyes and gently sway your head with a smile on your head. Thgat was such a great listen - what a treat! Really nice!!! Alan
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HI Shigeki ... I always look forward to your next post. You are a well-eductated musician/composer who truly knows how to use that talent to create some of the best music I've heard. Miku has the operfect voice for this song. And your arrangement is soi nice! I always enjoy your music. This song is one reason I say that. Excellent work! Alan
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Jump to new posts Re: Last Resort - Spirit Level by Al-David @ 10/30/22 11:13 AM

WOW - what an interesting song, and in the best of ways. The creativity is outstanding. I could seer this in a space/terrestrial-oriented movie. Everything shines here. You pushed all the buttons 0- and then found a few more to push. Enjoyed this a lot. It was exciting, introspective, ambiently spatial, had elements of tension, and each line of lyric left me waiting anxiously for the next. I loved the flange on the guitar! Really cool! A big tip of the hat to all involved - ya did good! Alan
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