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Jump to new posts My first haircut circa 1943 by Don Gaynor @ 11/08/21 01:05 PM;oe=61B0C084
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Jump to new posts "God's Last Call" by Bawb @ 11/08/21 12:58 PM "God's Last Call" Verse 1 It's been a journey And it all started out in my brokenness I'm just a sinner With a whole lifetime of sins I needed to confess A foolish wanderer Who thought he was always right An unbeliever who became like a blind man Who God gave back his sight Breakdown Who'd finally seen the light Who'd finally seen the light Chorus Maybe this was God's last call So many chances, I've wasted them
During the seventies I was in Taiwan. I came across two oriental gentlemen trying to converse. One was raised in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation. The other was raised in mainland China and spoke Mandarin. Both spoke a little pidgin English. I translated both sides of the conversation into English understandable enough for both to understand. Fun stuff.
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Jump to new posts Re: BIAB VST crashes in studio one by Pipeline @ 11/08/21 12:41 PM

Add an extra bar but mute it with automation, this will give clean cut.
Jump to new posts Re: A new download of 600 BIAB cover songs by Planobilly @ 11/08/21 12:38 PM

Hi Jim, I got the idea from one of your posts. I don't have it all figured out yet and I expected there would be .sgu files but I have all the windows media files and the mp3's A screenshot. The whole Google drive thing was new to me. I had the software to deal with. rad files. Still on a bit of a learning curve. Billy
Jump to new posts Re: A new download of 600 BIAB cover songs by Jim Fogle @ 11/08/21 12:28 PM

If you are not familiar with the website Billy is referring to, it is +++ The Guitar Band dot Com +++. Also of note, while the bundle of every song file on the site requires payment, you are welcome to download as many of the single song files as you want.
Although it is becoming a bit less common, many if not most people in this country only speak English. Of course, there is a lot of immigration so there are other languages spoken. Being the center of the known universe, we have little reason to learn other languages. Even if we do decide to cross the pond we fully expect everyone to speak English and I don't mean the "Queen's English". American food and don't put me in one of those stupid little French, The "ugly Am
Some of our strange spellings are down to trying to spell Anglo-Saxon words so that the Norman French could pronounce them properly. The Norman French were, of course, originally the Vikings and presumably their French was already weird by the standards of the day. The French, of course, also had several regional languages, too. They have several today ... Breton, Occitane, Basque. I once had to communicate with someone in Portugal about a problem in a holiday let. He spoke Portuguese and anoth
Jump to new posts A new download of 600 BIAB cover songs by Planobilly @ 11/08/21 11:52 AM

Hi, I wanted to try Giancarlo Griscenko @TheGuitarBand BIAB cover songs at $79.00 dollars. They are not fantastic but with a moderate amount of work they can be re combobulated in BB and other programs to make pretty good backing tracks for live performances.Not many people speak English here where I live so if I screw up the words no one will It is also teaching me more about how to use BIAB so be prepared for more novice Along with the songs are the lyrics whic
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Alors c'est parfait !
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Jump to new posts Re: Mac or Windows by Grateful Fred @ 11/08/21 11:26 AM

Thanks Notes Norton. I think I'll be going with Windows. Thanks to everyone for the information.
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Daniel, je suis sur audiophile 2021 mac et french svp, merci d'avoir tenté de m'aider mais j'ai mis le doigt sur le problème... A Marco, je pense que tu n'avais pas tout saisi, je ne pouvais pas ouvrir un fichier (songs ou realtrack demo ) comme c'est prévu (avec un icône), c'est un peu embêtant quand même... mais j'ai trouvé le coupable, c'est une mise à jour d'un bloqueur de pub, je l'ai désactivé et tout est rentré dans l'ordre. merci et bonne soirée à tous .
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Jump to new posts Re: Créer Realdrum by Daniel Donval @ 11/08/21 10:51 AM

Bonjour Hervé, Dans ton cas, un upgrade de BIAB2016 vers 2021 devrait te coûter 79$. Daniel
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Jump to new posts Re: Mélanger 2 real drum by Daniel Donval @ 11/08/21 10:47 AM

Bonjour Hervé, Ce que tu appelles partie 1 et Partie 2, doit on le comprendre comme étant les parties A et B ? Daniel
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Bonjour Philty, Tu es sur quel version (Build) de BIAB Mac ?
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Jump to new posts Re: icon issues by philty @ 11/08/21 10:42 AM

thank you Chantelle, I did what you suggest before opening this thread, it does not work ... I installed the latest version of mac-catalina (10.15.17)yesterday but I also installed adblock one and I suspect this stuff is causing this, I have to find a way to uninstall this properly, if you have any idea thank you in advance. edit: so I find the guilty ! it is the adblock which did that, you just have to deactivate adblock which works in "submarine" and everything return ok. Bye
Dear Mr. Scott, I have spent a good amount of time working in England at a time when every broken-down motorway in the country was under There have been cultural changes in the UK that most of us over fifty are not particularly enamored of. Even with the changes, it seems to me to be a bit more civilized than the United States. Being a Redneck farm kid from Texas everyone thinks I am Merle Haggard when I sing country in a bar in London. Pretty funny stuff. There was a good
Originally Posted By: PlanobillyThis has become a communication world of more or less meaningless "one-liners", cryptic meaningless conversation for the most part. Laziness, lack of care, lock-downs, poor grammar, poor spelling (I one spent ages trying to find out what "prolly" meant), lack of respect, texting, street-speak... I'm sure there are more. To, two, too; your, you're, their, there, they're. I personally also often crash when I hear a wrong contraction like there's
Maybe Billy when you mentioned that money was not an obstacle they thought it too be good to be true, don't know really its a funny old world.
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Jump to new posts Re: You're Not Alone by firesong @ 11/08/21 08:57 AM

Hey Mario and Ezekiel...thanks for your comments...very much appreciated...Dan
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Jump to new posts Re: Band-in-a-Box Free MT POWER DrumKit 2 by bloc-head @ 11/08/21 08:02 AM

I watched some demos & reviews on YT... I'll give it a try... Thanks Pipeline
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Originally Posted By: Mark HayesWhat I miss most about records are record covers. What I don't miss at all is having to treat them like fussy little babies or they'll "cry" (crackle) all night. +1 Well said. Reading the liner notes and enjoying the artwork was a big part of the experience. I miss that more than the changes is sound.
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Jump to new posts Re: PROJECT M presents DIVIDED BY LIES by justanoldmuso @ 11/08/21 07:32 AM

M i like the starting energy of the song... and the chorus. just an idea...cymbals i found up too high. loved that last note of the song. best om
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Jump to new posts Re: *New* Sometimes - Plum Fuzz Rock Quartet by justanoldmuso @ 11/08/21 07:26 AM

this is very cinematic and clever. this should be used in a detective series on tv or such. really well done rob... held my attention. om
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RealTracks Artist Pat Martino

We are saddened to hear of the passing of jazz guitar legend Pat Martino yesterday.

Pat was part of our RealTracks Artist "Jazz Pollwinners 2" series in 2014. You can learn about Pat and listen to his RealTracks contribution here.

Pat had been playing guitar since he was just 12 years old, and devoted himself to music in grade ten. On top of years of performing (he began playing professionally in 1961), Pat received many awards for his playing, including the "Jazz Legacy" Award in 2016 presented by Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes and his wife Sheryl Lee Ralph-Hughes.

Learn even more about Pat Martino when you visit his website,

A Look Back... Band-in-a-Box® 2015 NAMM Demonstration #TBT

Watch Tobin (and Charlie!) demonstrate Band-in-a-Box® 2015 for Windows at the 2015 NAMM Show: Play video...

Tobin does a great job of showing just how easy it is to create a song with Band-in-a-Box!

This video was posted on January 23, 2015 to the Keyboard Instrument Chops and Gear YouTube Channel.

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