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Форум пользователей Band-in-a-Box на русском языке
Jump to new posts Редактированив хорусов by Irakli @ 10/15/21 05:37 AM

Скачал с сети несколько с композициями (свободный доступ). Во всех композициях применялись хорусы. Как можно отредактировать второй или третий хорус, когда его не видно на мониторе? Помогите пожалуйста с решением вопроса.
Jump to new posts Re: Acoustic guitar squeaks and odd licks by Charlie Fogle @ 10/15/21 05:36 AM

Originally Posted By: TeunisThe advantages of using Spectral Editing is one can get shy of any noise within a sound. Be it high or low or even somewhere in the middle. Say someone singing accidentally bumps the mic stand. The bump is in the middle of a really nice note. Using Spectral Editing one can get shy or create a reduction of the bump causing minimal damage to the note. It is not always possible or desirable to chop up an entire piece to get shy of unwanted noise. As for squeaks the
Jump to new posts Re: How to enable Multiple Instances of RealBand? by justanoldmuso @ 10/15/21 05:30 AM

MTGroove. i'm haveing trouble understanding why you need to work in this fashion, aggregating midi. so could you go back to the beginning why ? what is your situation. normally when i do a song from scratch, my workflow is.. in brief... 1. create chotd sheet. 2. go through zillions of styles noting down which rt's//rd's//midis work best. ie instrument id's. 3. in rb right cliking over blank traks and generating audio and midis useing the instrument id's i noted down and running sound picture
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic)
Jump to new posts Re: Great Overview Of Windows 11 by cooltouch @ 10/15/21 05:10 AM

I read an article about Win11 yesterday, and I wasn't happy with what I read. Win11 is all about security enhancements, but what M$ is doing is requiring new hardware with these security protocols built in for Win11 to install properly. I wasn't happy because my newest system, which I put together just a few months ago so I could run Win10, has a motherboard that's about 7 years old. I bought a clean used MB with the old style PCI slots because I have some legacy hardware that I run on my DAW.
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic)
Jump to new posts Sforzando's Initial Settings -- How to Change Them? by cooltouch @ 10/15/21 04:56 AM

I posted the following message in the main BiaB forum and was told it was off-topic, so I'm reposting here. Hoping somebody can help out. ========================= I enjoy using the Sforzando that came with BiaB, but ironically I seldom use it with BiaB. Instead I use it mostly in Cakewalk. Its nylon string guitar patch is one of the best I've found, although it does require a fair amount of EQ finagling before it sounds right. It has decent jazz guitar and rock organ patches as well. But bef
I think the problem is trying to do all three tracks at once. When you use CTRL+V with multiple tracks the Paste window says 'Paste (to original tracks)' in the title. If you do one track at a time it should allow you to select the destination track.
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Jump to new posts Re: Ain't Nobody's Business with Janice Merritt on vocals by Janice & Bud @ 10/15/21 04:53 AM

Originally Posted By: cubanpeteWell, Peter, Janice; with you guys in the project nothing to be expected but excellency. Thanks! Thanks for listening and the nice comment! Janice
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Hey Ember, I'm not really familiar with the Help SOS forum, but I'll go give it a try. However, the Sforzando I'm using -- the only copy I own -- is the one that came with Band in a Box. When I do a search for VSTs in Cakewalk, it finds Sfz, so I've included it with VSTs I can select. It works great, as is, in CW, by the way. Except for not being able to change setting values.
Jump to new posts Re: Crazy Man, with Crazy Ideas by Pipeline @ 10/15/21 03:26 AM

It could even edit midi in it or add track FX:
Jump to new posts Re: Crazy Man, with Crazy Ideas by Pipeline @ 10/15/21 03:13 AM

Also adding Instant Gen/Play in the BiabVST and getting away from bbw4 will allow all more than 255 bars, more chords per bar, real time signatures, real decimal tempo maps... will give the BiabVST Standalone so much potential as a proper Biab Lite ! it could generate and play quicker than main Biab app. Down the track further it could look like EnergyXT 2.0 VST below that is 32bit also and has no problem playing RT RD direct.
Jump to new posts Introduction of extraneous notes fro BB import by jonel @ 10/15/21 03:09 AM

I created a melody for my song in BB and then imported it to RealBand. During the audition of the song there were three odd sounding bars. When I examined the midi I was surprised to see that an extra long note had been introduced in parallel to 'wanted' notes in that bar. This was in a verse that I had copied in BB. There was one other bar where a shorter note had been added to the 'wanted note'. I suspected that I had introduced the problem when working with the note editor in BB, so I went ba
Jump to new posts Re: How to enable Multiple Instances of RealBand? by MoveToGroove @ 10/15/21 02:19 AM

Hey Bob, wouldn't that overlap the notes of both tracks? I want the contents of both tracks in the resulting (merged) track one after the other with a 1-bar gap between both of them. I think to achieve that I'd have to first shift the content of the second track by Cut&Paste within that second track, and then to merge both tracks. So finally that all would probably be even more uncomfortable than the save-open-copy-close-open-paste process that I use currently. - However, I'll try it out.
Jump to new posts Re: Crazy Man, with Crazy Ideas by Pipeline @ 10/15/21 02:04 AM

That's why I was trying to get them to get away from running bbw4 in the background for the BiabVST, if they did it all in the BiabVST dll they would get away from all the old limitations in bbw4 like the 255 bars, more chords per bar, real time signatures, real decimal tempo maps... But in the main Biab app, as Mario said a total rewrite.
Jump to new posts Re: How to enable Multiple Instances of RealBand? by Bob Calver @ 10/15/21 01:14 AM

if the tracks use the same instruments can you just merge the tracks? i think the command is under the edit menu
Completely useless reply from Izotope as expected. Maybe a PG approach 'developer to developer' would get further Dara (iZotope) Oct 14, 2021, 12:01 PM EDT Hello, Thank you for contacting iZotope Customer Care! I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble! This type of behavior is most likely caused by compatibility. Since our plugins are not officially supported with PG Music RealBand, we cannot guarantee that our plugins will function normally within that DAW. We suggest all of our user
Jump to new posts Re: Installed Windows 11 on Laptop Successfully! by Kevin Woolley @ 10/15/21 12:50 AM

Steve Just be careful! There are rumours that Microsoft will not allow updates to a Windows 11 installation that has bypassed its requirements. I think they say you will still get defender updates, but not feature updates and bug fixes. I have three computers that have been updated without problems as they met the Microsoft requirements, however I have several others which will stay on Windows 10. Kevin
Jump to new posts Re: Crazy Man, with Crazy Ideas by Kevin Woolley @ 10/15/21 12:40 AM

It would be really great if the PG Team could appoint some of us veteran and other users to assist with Alpha development. At the moment all we have is the wishlist, but not sure whether that is looked at for the next release. I do feel that at some point PG music needs to go back to basics and sort out the old legacy features like 255 bars, 4 beats per bar for chord placement etc. Kevin
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Jump to new posts MASTERED Locked & Loaded PBExt. by rayc @ 10/15/21 12:14 AM

Hello Folks, MASTERED I started the music for this one about a week ago. It's "fairly" well sorted in terms of arrangement but not mix, tone etc. It needed a lyric & melody but I had nothing until I woke up yesterday with a line "He's locked & loaded as she walks to the door." I ignored it for a while but it nagged so I sat and wrote it into a word prog then the rest dribbled out. Not a happy narrative. I decided to try an on the run no thinking melody so did two
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Jump to new posts Song Without Words by musician17 @ 10/15/21 12:08 AM

See if you like this one (or not, haha). All feedback welcome - thanks for listening! Song Summary: Key=C , Tempo 80, Length (m:s)=3:12 No intro. 60 bar chorus, from bar 1 to bar 60. Repeat x1 chorus No Melody No Soloist track. Song is saved with Volume, Pan, Reverb, Chorus, Bank0, Song is saved with bar changes for Key Signature,Volume Changes, Style is _SATURN.STY (Saturn '90s R 'n' B Piano Ballad) RealTracks in style: 1825:Ba
Band-in-a-Box for Windows FAQ
Jump to new posts Can't here more than 4 notes from midi keyboard by Ariel L. @ 10/14/21 11:12 PM

Hi all, While I play my midi keyboard, or if I record midi thru my midi keyboard - I can only hear 4 notes max. Once I play the 5th note - one of the other notes stopes playing. This is really annoying... How do I fix this?? I'm using BIAB 2016 on windows. Thanks Ariel
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Jump to new posts Re: SAMBA BAND IN A BOX SONG by bluage @ 10/14/21 11:01 PM

'Sironedragon'... Samba and bossa nova are two of my favorite musical genres to listen to and compose music for. Your electric guitar performance possesses the fluidity of expression and the romantic, yet melancholy tone that is characteristic of the bossa nova, especially. The composition itself is lovely.
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Jump to new posts Re: YOU'RE A MUST-HAVE (2 versions + 1 video) by bluage @ 10/14/21 10:30 PM

Stefan... If extraterrestrials ever arrive in our solar system with the intention of studying how the universal phenomenon of 'true' love manifests itself among the inhabitants of planet Earth, after listening to your song they would probably declare that their 'search-and-discovery' mission had ended before they even got started! In my life I have known only a few men who have openly declared their loving feelings for their life-mates as persistently, as directly, and with as much devotion a
Jump to new posts Re: How to enable Multiple Instances of RealBand? by MoveToGroove @ 10/14/21 10:24 PM

rharv, I've thought that this might be an even better procedure than working with two instances - but so far, I struggle with that. The reason will most probably be that I'm not familiar enough with RealBand yet. What I currently try to do, step by step: 1. I open Midi A in RealBand (it has 3 tracks) 2. I import Midi B (it also has 3 tracks, so now there are 6 tracks) 3. I switch to tile view 4. I highlight and then copy the needed tiles of the 3 imported tracks 5. I mark a target-place in the
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Jump to new posts Re: SAMBA BAND IN A BOX SONG by Sironedragon @ 10/14/21 10:00 PM

Rob many thanks
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Hello, 'Bawb'... Your expressive, bruised-sounding singing voice packs a lot of conviction! I felt the inspiration of your faith in your performance via your committed lyrics. The backup singers added even more soul to the sound of your production. Also, your Real Track selections served your lyrics quite well.
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October 1, 2021 is National Kids Music Day!

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Of course, you don't have to be a kid to like these games, I think there a fun way to learn at any age!

Music Replay is just what it sounds like - the program plays a 1-bar melody, and the user plays it back. Get it right, and you'll keep building that melody (and skill) within the game - get it wrong, and you'll be met with a warning tone and have to try again... it's quite addictive, and a lot of fun!

If you like a classic arcade game, then you'll love Pitch Invasion! We've managed to incorporate aliens with pitch-recognition skills in this exciting game, where you'll match the pitch of the alien ship descending towards your planet trying to destroy your collection of instruments - match the pitch and you've saved your instruments, make a mistake and the ship keeps coming... you'll have a few tries to get it right, if you're quick, but if all your instruments are destroyed - it's game over! The game speeds up as your skills improve, and you'll earn points along the way, with bonus points available throughout the game.

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How to Make Backing Tracks with Band-in-a-Box®, by Nick Kellie

Band-in-a-Box® endorsing artist Nick Kellie recently got his hands on the newest Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Mac, and put together this video showing off just how easy it is to make backing tracks in Band-in-a-Box®!

Band-in-a-Box Demo - How to make backing tracks

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