Enter silence in a bar

Posted by: cptnzod

Enter silence in a bar - 05/25/19 10:07 PM

How do you enter a 2 and 4 bits silence in a bar? If you leave it empty it plays the last chord.
Posted by: Noel96

Re: Enter silence in a bar - 05/25/19 10:25 PM

When you type in a chord, put a period after it. This tells the chord "not to play all instruments until the next chord without a period."

For example if you want to rest the first two beats of bar 7, type a chord in bar 7 followed by a period (something like C.). Then on beat 3 of bar 7 type the chord that you want to play (with no period).

These settings are also available by right-clicking on the chordsheet and selecting "Chord Settings" from the menu.

Lastly, here's a short video clip that PG Music have prepared that will show you how they work. Even though the clips uses and older version of BIAB, the behaviour is the same today.