No drum after style change

Posted by: John Payne

No drum after style change - 06/04/19 07:18 AM

I’m trying to create a backing track for “Friends In Low Places”. This song alternates between soft fingerpicked 16-bar verses with no drum and harder 16 bar chorus with drums. My plan is to start out with style _CMPFBLF (Campfire Fingerpicked) style for the first 16 bars, then going to _CTRYPOP at bar 17. I’ll go back to the _CMPFBLF at bar 33, and alternate between these styles as appropriate for this song.

Seems to me this should work just fine and the first 16 bars play correctly, but the next 16 bars don’t have any drum sound. That first style (_CMPFBLF) does not have a drum and the word “Drum” at the top of the normal BIAB screen is yellow indicating no drum style chosen, but the word does not change to green at bar 17 and there is no drum in the mix.

So, is this a problem within BIAB or am I approaching this wrong?

Oh, and I’m running a full-up, top-of-the-line and updated 2019 BIAB system on a powerful Thinkpad under W10.
Posted by: Andy Ling

Re: No drum after style change - 06/04/19 07:34 AM

I haven't tried this (I don't have BIAB handy right now), but what happens if you make the song style the one with drums (_CTRYPOP) then put a style change to the one without drums in bar one. Sometimes the song settings are controlled by the overall song style.


Posted by: John Payne

Re: No drum after style change - 06/04/19 08:00 AM

Ahhh yes! Thanks Andy, with one small wrinkle your suggestion works. So now I'm building the song with a style that has a drum and changing that style at the first bar to a finger-pick (no drum) style. But I found that the drum from the original style continues. However, this is easily dealt with by simply selecting drum mute at the style change. Nice!